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OOH Today Weekend Update —Blood, Myths, Football, Traffic, Challenges and Strategies —All in 1 OOH Package

6 Take-Aways from Last Week

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A weekly recap of the top OOH stories you may have missed, along with colorful commentary from BB

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1. Statler Billboards Divests to McWhorter Media Group

Statler Billboards, a local family-owned business originally started in 1990, has sold 62 OOH advertising faces in the Pittsburgh, PA DMA to McWhorter Media Group. McWhorter Media Group is well-positioned to re-enter the OOH space with this exceptional acquisition- the first for the newly formed company.

BB’s Take

Statler to McWhorter—My take on this is too easy.  McWhorter clearly has the same affliction as what most of us are diseased with in OOH: ‘Once it’s in your blood, you can’t get out of the business’. The OOH business is deeply enjoyed by McWhorter. Plus come on! McWhorter, their crew, particularly Deana Barry, are very good managing an OOH company. All mandatory initial buyer / seller complimentary post positioning aside, McWhorter must think they can run it better than Statler. They see an upside and that’s why one makes an acquisition. Congrats!


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2. Clear Channel Outdoor Hosted its First Investor Day

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. hosted its first Investor Day on Thursday, during which CEO Scott Wells, CFO Brian Coleman, and other senior leaders discussed the Company’s long-term strategy for the Americas business, including deployment of its technology and digital platform, to capture the expanding opportunity in OOH advertising.

BB’s Take
CCO’s first Investor Day. A fine one at that. Listen in on the webinar and check out the slides CCO provided for the presentation. Some slick stellar stuff! 


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3. Debunking the Myths of OOH Advertising

With the goal of reconciling common misconceptions on modern OOH, AdQuick.com commissioned a third-party research firm to anonymously survey B2B and B2C advertisers in the United States to gauge their experiences and impressions of OOH advertising. This new research highlights common misconceptions professional marketers hold regarding pricing, measurability, campaign timelines and the OOH vendor landscape.

BB’s Take
There is so much to talk about here.  We’re standing with some of the points made by AdQuick but also suggesting that some of the ‘myths’ they are suggesting not really true and indeed just that, a myth.
Many myths about OOH were held by those outside of the OOH Industry, and dare we say, particularly held by those outside the advertising industry. So when non advertising types, non OOH types, and let’s face it, Software types, need a narrative to help their business latching on to myths of the non informed regarding OOH,  is it truly a myth? Is it a myth that matters? Tail wagging the dog here? 

4. Malls are dead! Malls are not dead! Just ask MrBeast and Heawon Yoo

Just when we were pronouncing mall traffic as dead in last Sunday’s commentary—OOH Today Weekend Update —Lightbox CMO Heawon Yoo disputed our claims with some data of his own.
BB’s Take
Ok maybe here is traffic at the Malls. Ok the malls have traffic greater than pre-Covid. How good was mall traffic pre-Covid?  And how do Malls reclaim shoppers as days of old? Is it entirely the Mall’s responsibility or do the OOH vendors, who park some of their assets in the Malls have a responsibility to drive traffic to the malls?  MrBeast where are you when the lonely Malls and Mall advertising vendors turn their eyes to you? 

5. OOH Delivering ‘Qatar in Real Time’

Worldcom OOH has developed dynamic ads so that millions of fans who cannot travel to Qatar to experience the World Cup minute to minute. ‘Qatar in real time’ gives brands the possibility of accompanying their audiences with messages that allow data and target audience to be combined in real time, and adjust to different variables such as weather, daytime, traffic, temperature, interactions on social networks, among others, to obtain precise customization for your ads, especially during the matches of your selection.

BB’s Take
World Cup- one of the greatest watched sporting events in the world both live attendance and on television and what is anyone in OOH in the States doing? More ignorance and indifference to diversity? You tell me. I would think Male and Punter with their British upbringing, had to kick the soccer ball about as lads. World style Football!  Don’t miss the opportunity to share the ‘World’s sport on you digital displays!

6. oOh!media Backs Orange Sky’s Sudsy Challenge

Orange Sky, which provides free mobile laundry and shower services for the homeless, has launched its annual fundraising initiative ‘The Sudsy Challenge’ calling on participants to wear the same clothes for three days to raise awareness on the state of homelessness.  To encourage the community to get involved, oOh! is running advertising across its national Out of Home network in both Australia and New Zealand. In addition, team members across both countries will join CEO Cathy O’Connor; and the executive leadership team and take part in the three-day Sudsy Challenge to drive genuine conversations around homelessness and raise money.

BB’s Take
oOh! Media sudsy challenge -I’d like to see Wells, and Male wear the same suit for three days. To be very granular about it, wear the same skivvies as well. When we asked oOh! Media about sharing photos of their top brass wearing the same clothes we have not heard back. And if indeed, gulp, tell us if this includes wearing the same undies for 3 days. We have not heard back from them on either counts. Mind you, I don’t want to be around anyone with 3 days wear on them. Watching from a far here in Virginia via the net is close enough.  How about it American OOH? Anyone up for this type of challenge?
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