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OOH Today Weekend Update

Know An OOH Plant's Value —More on OOH Ad Spend —The Best Creative Timely and Simple —DIO Rolling the Loyal 9 —Dude, Don't QR Code My Billboard!

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A weekly recap of the top OOH stories you may have missed, along with colorful commentary from BB

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1. Price Tag — Is Your Outdoor Plant Worth More Than 6 Months Ago?

 Jim Johnsen, Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company has a little fun with numbers, wrapping up with some seriously solid advice in understanding the value of your OOH plant in these turbulent times. Find out how recent Federal Reserve interest rate changes affect out of home asset pricing.
BB’s Take
Jim Johnsen’s story is a stellar example of one of many reasons why he is a top OOH finance guy. He understands the valuation of the OOH Industry and can explain it in a way that everyone understands. His years of experience make him one of the most trusted experts representing OOH Owners.  Buyers and Sellers of Outdoor assets alike, this is a must read.  If you missed his post last Monday here’s the opportunity to read it. And if you read it, read it again. It’s that good, whether you own a plant, are selling a plant or are thinking of buying a plant. Johnsen’s perspective is square on.  
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2. OOH Ad Spend Surges as Overall YoY Ad Spend Drops

In June 2022, monthly ad spend evolution entered negative year-over-year growth territory for the first time this year, shifting down -3% vs. last year. Meanwhile, OOH maintained the fastest growth rate throughout Q2, with Pharma, Entertainment & Media, and Technology accounting for more than half of OOH ad dollars.

Tremendously Impressive revenues for OOH this first half of 2022. OOH, after its precipitous drop in 2020 and 2021, is making an impressive comeback well beyond other media. The numbers in the chart below provide a fair gauge on evaluating your individual and market’s success. Pile on as much as you can in the 3rd quarter, the 4th could be a bit tricky with the predicted recession looming over the economy. 2023 will be tough sledding. Push now.   

3. OOH Best Creative Last Week Today

From temperature triggers and synchronized screens to stunning imagery and double entendres, don’t miss the top 10 OOH creative executions that came to our attention last week.

For those of you complaining about the creative outside of America, it’s simple: If it’s good, we share it. Three of the four listed below from outside the US are that good. It’s as we like to say, Stellar Stuff.  Don’t just enjoy it, duplicate their winning formulas for your local markets. By the way for the few who questioned the ‘Fat C*nt’ copy, It’s ‘Fat Can’t’. In the fine print which most of you read and as seen on the streets, ‘Fat Can’t!  Stop the body shaming and take your creative to the next level. 
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No alternative text description for this image Fat lad At The Back Fat Can't Actually Fat Can

4. Mobile Billboard Drives TikTok Traction

 Diageo’s Loyal 9 got over 1.9 million views and 250,000+ “likes” on TikTok because of one mobile billboard rolling near the Jersey Shore.

One mobile static billboard generated a colossal number of social media posts. OK, they had experiential to sweeten the mix. Consider multi-dimensional OOH media mix in your next plan whether with the same vendor or not. In this case, Do It Outdoors carried the day for both with brilliant bold copy, that’s 6 words, coupled with strong experiential.

5.  Steve Nicklin Weighs in on QR Codes

Steve NicklinSenior Vice President Marketing & Analytics at OAAA, voices the OAAA’s position on the use of QR Codes with large format OOH. TLDR: QR codes are not recommended on large format OOH targeted to drivers.

BB’s Take
We almost titled this one, ‘Dude, Don’t QR Code My Billboard!’ We sighted two instances where QR Codes lack effectiveness when used with large format OOH on streetside communicating with automotive traffic. When the OAAA says, ‘no, no, no’ (Thank you Amy Winehouse Rehabhttps://youtu.be/KUmZp8pR1uc ) to the use of QRC on large format targeting drivers, what more persuasion do you need?


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