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OOH Moves

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OOH People Moves is the place to recognize your employees’ accomplishments. Give your colleagues the recognition they deserve with a listing. It’s free!

OOH Today keeps you up to date with a summary report, every Friday of all the people moves including new hires, promotions, board appointments, in Billboards, Brands, Agency, OOH planning and buying services, OOH Providers/Sellers and more.  

Here’s your weekly score card.  30 of the latest #OOH related changes.
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OOH Moves






View Erika Veanus’ profile
Congratulate Erika Veanus for being promoted to Digital Content Manager at
Clear Channel Airports




View Jennifer Bada’s profile




View Patrick Judge’s profile

Congratulate Patrick Judge for starting a new position as Portfolio Manager – Affinity and Sponsored Marketing at GEICO



View Richard Gladders’ profile
Congratulate Richard Gladders for being promoted to #OOH Client Director (Zenith) at Publicis Media




View Zach Friedman’s profile
Congratulate Zach Friedman for starting a new position as SVP, Client Development at Talon Outdoor




Austin Gamble

Congratulate Austin for starting a new position as Government Affairs and Business Development Manager at KINBER




View Phoebe Haney’s profile
Congratulate Phoebe Haney for starting a new position as Performance Analyst at Vander Weele Group




View Jessica Lovett’s profile
Congratulate Jessica Lovett for being promoted to Office Manager at Sign Shapes Ltd




View Michelle Benson’s profile

Congratulate Michelle Benson for starting a new position as President Emeritus at AdFed Minnesota



View Adam Opitz’s profile

Congratulate Adam Opitz for starting as Account Executive at Octopus Interactive





View Dawn L. Pepka’s profile
Congratulate Dawn L. Pepka for starting a new position as Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Zilker Media




View Stephen Mitchell’s profile
Congratulate Stephen Mitchell for starting a new position as Marketing Director at Harbinger Marketing




View Alan Philips’ profile

Congratulate Alan Philips for starting a new position as Chief Creative Officer at REEF



View Joshua Hardy’s profile
Congratulate Joshua Hardy for starting a new position as Associate Media Director at Noble People




View Jonathan Sackett’s profile

Congratulate Jonathan Sackett for starting a new position as Partner, Chief Marketing and Brand Office at GRK FRESH GREEK



View Garnet S. Heraman’s profile

Congratulate Garnet S. Heraman for starting a new position as Managing Partner at FUEL.ATL Innovation Hub and Opportunity Zone Fund



View Amro Shihadah’s profile

Congratulate Amro Shihadah for starting an additional position as Defense Innovation Accelerator Mentor at NSIN – National Security Innovation Network



View Michael Baer’s profile

Congratulate Michael Baer for starting a new position as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at MJH Life Sciences™



View Jon Bond’s profile

Congratulate Jon Bond for starting as Partner /CMO at LaCure Villas and for starting an additional position as Partner/CMO at Union Cannabis Group




View Natalie Matlak’s profile




View Sarah Watson’s profile

Congratulate Sarah Watson for starting a new position as Inventory Manager at
Wireless Buybacks



View Carla Pall’s profile
Congratulate Carla Pall for starting a new position as Head Of Sales at
Because We Can Media




View Lou Carpino’s profile





View Michael Palmgren’s profile
Congratulate Michael Palmgren for starting a new position as Research Analyst at
Fox Stations Sales Inc




View Jason Hoffman’s profile

Congratulate Jason Hoffman for starting as Client Solutions / Integrated Marketing at ViacomCBS



View J. Donald Spoon, MBA’S profile
Congratulate J. Donald Spoon, MBA for starting a new position as Chief Financial Officer at Heartland Garage Doors LLC




View Robert Gordon’s profile

Congratulate Robert Gordon for being promoted to National Sales Manager at
Richmond Events




View Katinka Partridge’s profile




View Jeannette Tschida’s profile

Congratulate Jeannette Tschida for starting a new position as VP Media Director at Preston Kelly




View Elizabeth Adcock’s profile
Congratulate Elizabeth Adcock for being promoted to OOH Client Director at Zenith




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