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Buyer’s Guide for NYC Digital Taxi Tops

Taxis vs Rideshare

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NYC Digital Taxi Tops Buyer’s Guide 

The marketplace on taxi tops continues to grow it can be very confusing OOH format. Curb, a leader in taxi and mobility media, has created a Buyer’s Guide for NYC Digital Taxi Tops.

It is a general guide to inform brands and agencies of the best practices, standards, and protocols for investing in NYC digital taxi tops in a transparent and accountable manner. Topics include: LED vs LCD, Screen Sizes, Hardware Quality and Proof of Performance Guidelines.

Curb also created a very cool timeline on the history of the NYC digital taxi top that dates back to 2003. It is a fun trip down memory lane as many will recognize some of the 1st digital tops created.

 Below is a release from Curb Taxi Media or the link here⇒ NYC Digital Taxi Top Buyer’s Guide


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NYC Digital Taxi Tops Buyer’s Guide by
Curb Taxi Media

Curb Taxi Media has been a pioneer in the smart digital taxi top space for nearly two decades, and we are
committed to providing the best possible brand experience through the most premium LCD digital tops
in the market today. Interest in digital taxi tops has grown exponentially, and while the overall marketplace in New York City can be confusing, executing a campaign with Curb is fast and easy.

The information below will guide you to provide the best practices, standards, and protocols for buying digital taxi tops in a more transparent and accountable manner.

Whether large format or a screen fit for vehicle, LCD delivers a crisp HDTV experience. It shows off brand messaging in the best way possible and is the best choice for all situations. LED is pixelated and may not deliver the best brand experience for the customer.

Taxis vs Rideshare
Rideshare ads are illegal in NYC. There is a difference between taxi and rideshare vehicles. Taxis are dedicated, full-time professional drivers, whereas 80% of rideshare drivers are part-time. Taxis make twice as many trips as a rideshare vehicle and spend more time on the road. Digital media on top of a taxi guarantees maximum reach & exposure. Rideshare media needs to be specially selected and curated.

Targeting Capabilities
Be sure your digital top vendor can support the following capabilities: Hyper local geo-targeting, day-parting, audience targeting, real-time data integrations, weather triggers, and full motion video.

Data & Measurement
At a minimum, your vendor should provide file play timestamp, as well as latitude & longitude. Other
measurements may include audience insights based on exposure, foot traffic analysis, or website lift analysis. Inquire if your vendor has a portal, or dashboard for fast, near real-time insights.

Programmatic has continued to grow in importance across all forms of media. An experienced digital top network will have integrations with at least one SSP and more than a handful of DSPs.

Creative Specifications
Creative specs can vary by vendor. Due to the nature and shape of a digital top, the creative specs tend to be custom, non-IAB units. IAB standard units are not mandatory, but it helps to know your vendor can support both custom and standard.

Proof of Performance
The POP will depend on how the campaign is planned, but it should not only the list of cars the campaign ran on, but also plays/impressions vs the guarantee. Ensure market photos are authentic and timely.

Size matters in out of home media to ensure maximum reach and brand impact. Digital taxi tops range in size from as large as 637 square inches (Curb Digital Taxi Tops) down to 475 square inches.

Hardware Quality & Experience 
The road can be punishing and unforgiving, and putting digital tech on top of a moving vehicle requires a lot of experience and know-how to provide the most reliable experience possible. There are many low-cost hardware solutions offered, but they are low-cost for a reason. Make certain your vendor has road tested the hardware.

Field Support & Skills
As mentioned, putting digital media on top of moving vehicles takes dedication and special skills both
operationally and on the sales side. It’s critical that your vendor has full-time personnel with experience who live and breathe the business.

A Brief History of NYC Digital Tops


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