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OOH Today's Designer's Directory

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The OAAA recently released a Freelance Directory called OOH FREELANCE DESIGNERS RESOURCE LISTING.  See the list here ⇒ Freelance Directory

The OAAA reports its Creative Committee members works with a range of designers and have recommended the list of freelance designers. The OAAA goes on to say each of the listed professionals have proven experience designing for the OOH medium and suggests to contact them directly for more details.

OOH Today is familiar with some of the ‘freelancers’ on the list. We are familiar with many more not on the list. Let’s complete the list. 

If you are an Out of Home ‘freelance designer’ and would like to be listed in OOH Today’s Designers’ Directory or if you work with someone who you would recommend be listed in the directory, please send us their name and email address and we will contact them for listing in our upcoming OOH Today’s Designer’s Directory.  In case your wondering its a free listing.

Please forward to BillBoard@OOHToday.com




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