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New Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Program for Digital Out-of-Home

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DPAA Announces Creation of WE.DOOH™ Initiative,

Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Program

for Digital Out-of-Home Industry

Global Program Offers Personal Development, Executive Training,

Networking and Other Support Activities


NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2018- In his opening remarks at his organization’s annual Video Everywhere Summit, DPAA President & CEO Barry Frey announced today the creation of an initiative designed to aid and empower women in the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry.

Called WE.DOOH™ (Women’s Empowerment for the Digital Out-Of-Home Industry), the initiative will provide a wide range of activities, including personal development programs, educational webinars, networking events and other support services.

Frey said, “In recent years DPAA membership has grown from 28 companies to more than 130, and our entire industry has grown rapidly as well. With growth and influence comes responsibility. It is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that women are given equal opportunity to advance and lead, especially in light of the many executive positions that will emerge as a result of our industry’s ascendance. WE.DOOH’s goals are to drive personal development, career growth, bonding and executive training, thereby empowering women in the digital out-of-home industry. This is an exciting and extremely important initiative for all of us.”

WE.DOOH (www.we-dooh.com), run by DPAA, has retained Jennifer Willey, global gender equality expert and CEO/Founder of Advance Women at Work, a division of Wet Cement, to consult on the program.

Open to employees of DPAA-member companies, the first WE.DOOH event will be a live training session, focused on “How to Build Your Personal Board of Directors.” This digital event will allow WE.DOOH members to participate from any location across the globe. To register for the first WE.DOOH webinar event on November 15, visit www.we-dooh.com.

Willey said, “I am honored to join DPAA in its mission to empower women and encourage a more inclusive environment to ensure that the very best talent – regardless of gender – leads the way into the very exciting future.”

The setting for today’s announcement, DPAA’s annual Video Everywhere Summit, is a highlight of New York Digital Signage Week (Oct. 29-Nov. 2). Attending the event are more than 900 delegates representing brands, agencies, DOOH networks, ad tech, mobile/location companies, data firms and others from the full spectrum of multi-screen advertising. The Video Everywhere Summit is the largest one-day event dedicated to multi-screen engagement, mobile/location data and the role of DOOH advertising in today’s fast evolving media ecosystem.

About Advance Women at Work (http://www.advancewomenatwork.com)
Advance Women at Work, a division of Wet Cement (www.wet-cement.com), supports business growth through gender equality program design and deployment, and leadership and career development training to accelerate the advancement of women in business and empower men to become modern male leaders.

Facebook: @wetcementconsulting
CEO Jennifer Willey LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/jenniferwilley

About DPAA (www.videoeverywhere.com)
Founded in 2006, DPAA is a global digital out-of-home marketing association committed to delivering the promise of “Digital Out of Home Everything.” DPAA has created a strong community environment in which members drive and promote their digital capabilities. DPAA is a business accelerator that fosters collaboration between agencies and the DOOH community, providing industry-wide research and best practices in areas such as mobile integration and programmatic; and promotes the effectiveness of DOOH advertising.

DPAA’s annual Video Everywhere Summit brings together more than 900 delegates representing brands, agencies, digital out-of-home networks, ad tech, mobile and location data companies, research firms and others for a full day of presentations, panels, case studies, networking events and experiential exhibits. The Summit is the only event dedicated to multi-screen viewing and video neutral planning.

DPAA is a Digital Out of Home Everything and Video Everywhere AssociationTM.
Facebook: @DPAAorg
Instagram: @dpaa_org
YouTube: youtube.com/user/dpaavision
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/dpaa
Barry Frey on Twitter: @barryfrey

WE.DOOH on social media:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/we-dooh/
Twitter: @WE_DOOH
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WE.DOOHxDPAA/
Instagram:@ WE_DOOH

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