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DPAA Video Evderywhere Summit Yesterday in Photos

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It was a packed house at the DPAA Annual Video Everywhere Summit in NYC yesterday. Over 900 in attendance.

Terrific day thanks to Barry Frey, super selection of speaker line up and topics. 


Barry Frey, Pres & CEO, DPAA announces WE.DOOH.

Barry Frey, Pres & CEO, DPAA announces WE.DOOH.  Read details here ⇒Women Empowerment in DOOH  


Ken Auletta discussion with Barry Frey.

‘Don’t focus on just who competes with you. The public is the greatest frenemy.”  Ken Auletta,
Author of Frenemies.


Frank Luntz, Political Pollster, What people want the most.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  They are not entitle to their own facts.” Frank Luntz.

Frank Luntz on 6 Essential Factors for Happy & Health Kids

The Summit was a great event, which more than exceeded last year’s.  We have more to share with you.  We will include the Media Post DOOH Award Winners on Thursday, along with more speakers comments.

After the DPAA awards program, we hustled over to the PJ Solomon ‘3 BECOME 1,’ 5th Annual OOH & EVENT/RETAIL TECH COCKTAILS.  A ‘full house’ filled the Solomon’s offices. We spent time with
Mark A. Boidman, Managing Director and Head of Media Services for Solomon.
We’ll share more on Thursday.




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