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Is OOH Innovative Enough? —OOH Projected to Stay Flat (Again)

Bringing Back the 'Feel the Real' Campaign

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OAAA is Bringing Back the Feel the Real Campaign

OOH Projected to Stay Flat (Again) with Share of Global Ad Spend

MediaDailyNews’ Joe Mandese writes that TV’s share of global ad spend over the next two years will lose over 4% of spend, moving from the top media position in 2018 to number 2 spot by 2020. Internet will become the dominant media. (see the Graph above).

OK, What about Out of Home’s Growth? 

OOH ad spend is projected to be ‘Stable’ which means zero increase, at 6.5% share of ad budgets. That is global not US, but as the US is the largest OOH ad spend in the world, it takes us back to the question; Is OOH innovative enough to drive double digit growth?

Innovation-driven growth  …should be the plan.
Disruptive Innovation… Anyone?

What is the Outdoor Advertising Industry doing?

Well here is an excerpt from retiring President and CEO of the OAAA, Nancy Fletcher’s recent report,  My Turn: Must-Know News on OOH from OAAA.

“OAAA is bringing back the Feel the Real campaign, with a new twist”. 

What do you think?

“OAAA is bringing back the Feel the Real campaign, with a new twist”.
My Turn: Must-Know News on OOH from OAAA

Nancy Fletcher

Nancy Fletcher OAAA President and CEO





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  1. Nick Coston says

    Big bold headline but hardly any real content. More like a quick statement in an article . Doesn’t cover anything about lack of innovation or any real facts or figures. Where’s the beef 🥩???

  2. Bill Board says

    Yes you are right on point. It is on the way Nick Coston. We are warming up the ‘room’ with ‘light’ first before applying the ‘heat’.
    We’ll bounce this back to you; “OAAA is bringing back the Feel the Real campaign, with a new twist”. What do you think?

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