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For Salespeople in OOH —Cohoot Keeps You in the Know

—Home Depot, Stephen Freitas, Publicis and Pennsylvania Lottery

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For Salespeople in OOH —


Cohoot is the anonymous forum for media salespeople. Thousands of sellers gather on Cohoot’s dedicated OOH channel to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Let’s dive in and discover the hottest topics from the week here …

Attention All eCommerce Businesses
We have some intel on a newer luxury fashion site from Los Angeles, Verishop, whose CEO recently said “Our mission is to build the largest online shopping mall in the Western world.” Hmmm. Thanks for the post, @Walking Popular. Full Thread Here>>>


a message from Wrapify


Some Personnel Announcements in OOH
A popular contact at Publicis has moved on. The discussion can be found here. Full Thread Here>>>

Cohorts mentioned the retirement of Stephen Freitas of OAAA. He will step down as CMO at the end of the year and start the job of EVP of Industry Initiatives in 2021. See the reaction in this thread. Full Thread Here>>>

New Cohorts Making a Splash
Channel, meet @Cologne Favor, lead sales at a company that advertises for clients on a network of digital LED units mounted on rideshares and taxies. Check the thread for CF’s area. Full Thread Here>>>

While we are making introductions, please welcome @Vali Toys to the channel. Vali has a media consulting company that uses platforms on urban rooftops and ski resorts, among others. Find out here what kind of clients the company serves. Full Thread Here>>>

Carvertise and The Pandemic Response
What do you think of this idea by Carvertise? See how the mobile ad company responded to the Covid19 pandemic. Full Thread Here>>>

Sales Strategy
This conversation started by @Rights Skal explores how agencies are convincing clients to advertise with OOH during the pandemic, and also how brands are looking at the medium in the future. Full Thread Here>>>

Another new Cohort, @Rights Skal, is checking in from India and has shared an article about the revival of outdoor there. Do we have many other Cohorts working in India? Add your expertise. Full Thread Here>>>

Can You Help with These Questions?
Would love to land the Pennsylvania Lottery, any roads to start walking down? Full Thread Here>>>

Who is the main point-of-contact at Home Depot? Full Thread Here>>>

Want an invite to Cohoot?
​Cohoot is currently invite-only, but there are some invites reserved for salespeople working at OOH vendors. If you want to check your eligibility, go to Cohoot.com and see if your work email will unlock one of our reserved invites.

Or contact Bill at BillBoard@OOHToday.com and he may provide you with an invite code.


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