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OOH Agency Today – BrillMedia.co

Advertise like a Fortune 500 Company Without Spending a Fortune

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OOH Agency Today – BrillMedia.co
Advertise like a Fortune 500 Company Without Spending a Fortune


by Will Farmer
OOH Today
Media and Communications Manager



BrillMedia.co helps small to mid-sized clients and agencies build sustainable, scalable and effective business models through programmatic media. If there’s a place where your customers congregate in the physical or digital worlds, they capture their data and communicate with them.

In addition to being the CEO of BrillMedia.co, Robert Brill hosts the LA Business Podcast, writes in Inc. and Forbes and has spent 17 years in advertising.

We were fortunate enough to ask him some questions to gain some insights into life at BrillMedia.co:

Robert Brill

Will Farmer: Please tell us about BrillMedia.co. How long have you been in business? Staffing? Size? Specialties? Billing? Regional Offices?

Robert Brill: I started the business in 2013 with the goal of creating strong marketing outcomes for clients who typically didn’t have access to sophisticated advertising tools like top demand side platforms. The vision was, and continues to be, that companies that are smaller than the Fortune 500 brands should have access to the best advertising technologies in the marketplace. So, that’s what we do. Our team sits at six people, and we’re all work from home, which gives our team so much more daily flexibility, and gives our leadership team the ability to hire talent from all over the US. We’re in Los Angeles, Miami, and Detroit.

In a lot of cases we’re a white label ad buying firm other agencies, so our specialty is deploying data driven advertising across channels. Over the years we’ve worked in verticals including health care, entertainment, sports, CPGs, cannabis, education, and restaurants. The commonality across these businesses is that data driven advertising makes a big difference in the outcomes we drive for clients.

WF: What would you like the OOH Industry to know about your shop?

RB: There is an incredible amount of opportunity in the OOH space to pair up with digital media in a way that is additive to OOH. Every OOH company can be adding frequency to their OOH buys with mobile user retargeting around their out of home screens, and adding flexibility for their clients with audience based digital OOH targeting.


WF: Do you work with clients directly and/or through agencies? What is the percentage breakdown?

RB: We mostly work with agencies as a white label provider. Instead of an agency deploying the resources and dealing with the learning curve of deploying ads on these digital platforms we give them a shortcut. For our clients who use us for OOH we’re providing mobile targeting and digital out of home extension campaigns. About 80% comes through agencies and about 20% comes through direct clients. 


WF: Any comments or suggestions for #OOH reps in approaching or working with your company?

RB: We’re looking for self service, data driven, and data optimized ad buying opportunities. If it’s an interesting new platform, or inventory that can be accessed through an existing platform integration we’re into it.




WF: How do you obtain new business? Please share new business contact information.

RB: I’m always open to talk, even if it’s just to discuss strategy or better ways to run campaign. Anyone who wants to reach out can set a time on my calendar here: https://www.calendly.com/robertbrill


WF: Discuss some OOH campaigns by BrillMedia.co. Any memorable or particularly interesting campaigns you could share?

RB: I can’t discuss advertisers directly for the sake of permissions, but I can tell you that the most memorable OOH campaigns that we’ve run focus on really tactical activations. We love opening movies with mass awareness digital OOH delivery, or selling video games, which we also have done. The best applications for digital out of home and data driven OOH are the tactical ones. I enjoy when we identify people in a specific location, or people who have taken a very specific path to work, or who live in high value zip codes, and we dial in our targeting to those particular people. That type of targeting is so powerful, and I get really excited when brands trust us to create a tactical ad campaign like that.

Additionally, BrillMedia.co offers a trading desk success guide for agencies. It’s a 30 page primer for companies looking to use existing demand side platforms for mobile ad targeting and digital out of home targeting find it here ⇒http://brillmedia.co/agency-trading-desk-2020-success-guide-2/

They are also offering a 70 Page Recession Marketing guide, which uses precedents from the 1921 recession to show how companies can thrive in a crashing economy⇒ https://brillmedia.co/full-recession-marketing-guide/


Marketing and Advertising

Company size

Los Angeles, Miami, and Detroit

Privately Held


Digital out of home, connected TV, digital audio and digital ad buying



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