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Digital Place Based Media Network has Some Explaining to do.

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Digital signage screens are showing up in medical facilities and buildings large and small.  It is a fast growing segment of Out of Home’s Digital Placed Industry.

A superb article, ‘A Hot Startup Misled Advertisers’, written by Rolfe Winkler, for the Wall Street Journal, reveals an investigation of out of home digital placed based media network, Outcome Health.  Outcome Health displays pharmaceutical advertising to patients on digital screens in doctor’s offices. Outcome Health media offerings

The WSJ, reported accusations ranging from providing inflated data measuring ads’ performance, creating documents inaccurately verifying ads running on certain doctors’ screens, manipulated third-party analyses regarding the effectiveness of the ads and charging for ad placements on more video screens than the startup had installed.  Winkler’s article thoroughly explains the history, organization and sales process of Outcome Health.  Wall Street Journal report.

It is a must read for anyone who buys and sells placed based digital advertising.

outcome health revenue graph

Outcome is no small player.  Revenues exceeding $125 million in 2016 and an infusion of investor capital of $500 million, Outcome was valued at $5.5 BILLION.

Outcome was founded in 2006 by partners Rishi Shah and Shradha Agarwal.  Their website claims  over 230,00 healthcare providers nationwide.  Outcome offices in Chicago and New York City, employing over 600, partnering with healthcare systems, physician practices, medical associations, global life sciences companies, pharmacies and payers.

outcome health clients

“The company strongly denies the practice of misreporting of campaign information,” according to Lanny Davis, a lawyer Outcome hired after the WSJ’s inquiries.  “The company’s policy is to accurately report information to every customer on every program.”

Weeks prior to the Wall Street Report, Outcome received an Independent Certification for Audience Qualification and Impression Measurement from BPA Worldwide, on September 27, 2017 www.bpa-icompli.com 

Announcing the certification  BPA’s Senior Vice President of Technology Assurance, Richard Murphy said, “We congratulate Outcome Health as the first health intelligence platform in the industry to receive third-party certification of their point-of-care network.” “The industry is calling for more trust and transparency and Outcome Health is answering the call.”

Outcome Health has some explaining to do.

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