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To Grandma’s House- Win Hearts & Minds for OOH Christmas Campaigns

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Driving to Grandma’s House this Holiday season, puts more people on the road, driving farther, for longer periods of time, providing more visibility and impressions for Outdoor Advertising. The holidays are a big opportunity for OOH.  Airlines, buses, trains are all at capacity over the Holidays. Traffic is up! And its not just over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s, increased traffic is traveling to the malls the day after Thanksgiving, prior to Christmas and returning after.  Increased impressions are not enough to insure Campaign success. Message is critical during the Holidays.

Your OOH Christmas Creative Message Ratio

The Xmas Season is an emotional one characterized as ‘it is better to give than receive.’  That consumer mindset, demands a thoughtful balance of the creative’s message ratio of information and emotion. Too much information is insensitive. Too little information is ineffective.  More on balance read- Marketing and Research Twitter Tara Louis .

The Christmas Creative Message Ratio- Too much information is insensitive. Too little information is ineffective.

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Tara Louis, for Twitter Marketing, is clear regarding a digital strategy delivering an impactful, holiday campaign over the Web.  “Leverage both science and sentiment” when creating a campaign which speaks to the heart while driving attention, recall, and purchase consideration this holiday season.”

Science & Sentiment / Hearts & Minds- works for social.  Works for OOH Today. 


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