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The largest free arts festival in America. 

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Daniel Hooper, Formetco Marketing Director, sent me a note last week inviting me to Baltimore’s Artscape.
It is a festival.  With the theme of “Say it Outloud”  Aptly titled for an Outdoor guy like me. It sounds like a good time.  Daniel will be flying in from Atlanta to attend.  So it must be good. 

It is this weekend, July 20 -22 , Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, where Baltimore hosts its annual Artscape.
Artscape is the largest free arts festival in America.  

Friday: 11am-9pm, Saturday: 11am-9pm, Sunday: 11am-7pm
The fun continues Friday and Saturday night during Artscape After Hours!
Join in on all the fun activities from 9pm-11pm!

Baltimore, MD

Artscape takes place in the Mount Royal Avenue & Cathedral Street, Charles Street, Bolton Hill, and Station North Arts & Entertainment District neighborhoods.

FREE and open to the public! Artscape is held outdoors in tents, and inside the neighborhood’s premier exhibition spaces and performing arts venues. The event is handicapped accessible.

Daniel will be participating both personally and representing Formetco at the Festival. Daniel shared his thoughts and experience on the Festival, Artscape 2018.

Artscape 2018 – Say It Loud

Formetco Marketing Director

This weekend, July 20 -22 , Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Baltimore hosts its annual Artscape.

Artscape is the largest free arts festival in America.
Baltimore is largely known for being rough and gritty.
And it is.
Artscape does not try to hide that fact.
Artscape embraces the beauty in the grit.
Diamonds are formed under pressure and Artscape showcases those raw unpolished gems in the rough that are normally hidden by our perceptions of the city.

Formetco and I work with Shanklin Media and Magfest during the festival to create live art installations on Shanklin Media’s 52’ H x 42’ W LED display.  I am also working on my own promotional piece for our involvement.

We will be showcasing work on how an LED display can become a city’s beacon for cultural celebration.  During the day the display showcases local artists, festival information, and kids can play video games created by other local kids.  As the afternoon approaches evening, we integrate live drawings, animations, and musical performances.  Once the sun sets the display takes over the streets.  Short films, DJ’s, dance troops, more local musical performances, more art installations… all live and on display towering above the festival on the dominating 52’ H x 42’ W LED display.  I have not seen anyone in the country do what Will Shanklin is doing.  He has more than evolved the concept of a digital billboard.

If you are in somewhat close proximity to Baltimore, whether DC or Philadelphia, and your calendar is open this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (The 20-22nd), I invite you to come check it out.  The event is well worth it.  For any of my Out of Home friends who may be attending, here is a personal invitation.  I will be in Baltimore through Sunday mid morning. I encourage a phone call and I would be more than happy to schedule a behind the scenes access to the production. It is that impressive!

We have included a few links to share what all the Festival is about.
Be sure to check out the ‘Say It Loud Film Festival.’
Pay attention to all the illuminated faces looking up.


Say it Loud Film Festival
(Check out the second video on the page):


Shanklin Media:


Formetco Marketing Director
2963 Pleasant Hill Rd| Duluth, GA 30096
Tel: (800) 367-6382





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