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Novant Health Covid 19 Safety, Camel City & #OOH

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Novant Health Covid 19 Safety, Camel City & #OOH

Novant Health information and encouragement via OOH 


If you travel the North Carolina metro areas of Charlotte, Winston-Salem/Greensboro and Brunswick County you can’t help but notice the bold, colorful aubergine (eggplant) billboards of Novant Health.  Novant Health has been a consistent user of Out-of-Home, but during the Covid-19 pandemic they put the medium to epic use with frequent copy changes, both in digital and static billboards, to let the public know they were there for them. 

Efforts began immediately in March with a Coronavirus Helpline, and toll-free number 1-877-9NOVANT.  Novant Health, Red Truck Media and Camel City Posters worked to quickly print and coordinate the install of the billboards across multiple outdoor companies.  The volume of calls exceeded what they anticipated, and they had to increase their call center capacity to accommodate the number of inquiries from the billboards and other media.


The next message that followed in early April focused on North Carolina stay-at-home orders, thanking the public for doing their part in minimizing the spread of the coronavirus, so that Novant Health could do their part to care for all their patients, including those that tested positive for Covid-19.    


At the end of the April the message changed again, stating “YES to masks!” – a message to encourage the use of masks for the safety of others when you are out in public.  This message had a timely launch just prior to the NC Governor Cooper’s phase one of businesses re-opening on May 8.  Novant Health added Hispanic messaging in this campaign to ensure they were reaching multiple demographics.


Novant Health’s most recent message is a Back to Life campaign supported with billboards and other media.  Throughout the pandemic the Novant Health billboards have been a positive and informative presence.  



Camel City Poster Productions is grateful for our long-standing partnership with Novant Health and for all they are doing in our communities right now to be proactive and committed to our safety and good health.  We felt it was important, as an industry, to recognize that commitment and share their #OOH story beyond the communities that see the boldly branded Novant Health aubergine vinyls each day. 


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