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#FauciArt Hitting the Streets of Los Angeles and NYC

Billups Donates OOH for FauciArt

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FauciArt Design Challenge Hits the Streets
— NYC & LA —New OOH


With COVID-19 cases spiking across the country, it seems like many people are in need of reminder…to listen to the experts.

Back in April, Sausalito-based ad agency, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP) launched #FauciArt – a design project aimed at spotlighting the expert we know and hero we needed, Dr. Anthony Fauci – it was a call to action to turn his image into a work of art, promoting the qualified expert we needed to listen to when COVID-19 first hit.  


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Some background. #FauciArt started as an internal initiative – each department at the agency got together and created their own art pieces. From simple line drawings to re-imagining famous art in Fauci’s likeness. Quickly, the idea grew and within a few weeks, people across the country were joining in, creating their own #FauciArt. Many of the pieces have been featured on the dedicated Instagram, @fauciart. Over 50 well-known artists have contributed, with art ranging from dolls to cakes and even artwork on leather jackets. One piece by artist Jeremy Penn, sold for over 15K, which was donated to True Hero Fund and No Kid Hungry.

Now, the effort is getting even bigger with #FauciArt hitting the streets of Los Angeles and NYC – thanks to donated out-of-home media from Billups. Artwork from BSSP’s Alfonso Ruiz (Senior Art Director) and Kelly Bernard (Art Director) has started to go up on buildings in SoHo and Midtown Manhattan and on various billboards across LA near major freeways like the 710 and Interstate 10. BSSP is hoping this OOH extension will further build the visibility around the initiative and Dr. Fauci himself. Ultimately, the agency’s goal is to continue inspiring creativity and art – people have taken time the last few months to be still and expand their interests in art, that’s something BSSP hopes extends beyond the pandemic.


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