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Adkom—OOH Agency Today

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OOH Agency Today —Adkom

Sarah Druhan

by Sarah Druhan, OOH TODAY Journalist

Let’s face it: this industry is not a simple beast to tame. One of the most challenging parts of it is figuring out how to harness its potential for widespread campaigns while also making the bumpy road of OOH advertising as smooth as possible. But for advertising agency Adkom, straddling these two worlds isn’t just something they make look easy—it’s a core part of their OOH mission.

Born in 2020 out of a determination to make OOH accessible for all, Adkom seems to be putting their money where their mouth is. Their proprietary platform offers clients access to over 350 media vendors as well as 70,000 units in almost 200 markets across the country. Adkom’s sales team boasts not only over fifty years of OOH experience, but a firm belief in the power of OOH itself. Whether it’s a brilliant gold billboard for pineapple Fanta emblazoned on the side of a building or a digital taxi-top campaign overtaking the streets of NYC, Adkom knows that OOH ads can stand out better than anything on the Web. To them, OOH is the ‘Brand Building Medium,’ and they have just the place to prove it. Containing posts on how to look at your brand as a story and how to align mission and messaging, Adkom’s ‘Brand Lab Blog’ is a hotbed of advice for how to become top dog in the OOH sphere, coming straight from one of the biggest names in the business.

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