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Wunder Agency $10K Biz Leaves Space ‘Blank’

if you seen one you seen the other one too

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Wunder Agency $10K biz leaves space ‘blank’

Wunder a small ad agency in Halifax, Nova Scotia, while brainstorming ideas for their agency holiday card, decided the most thoughtful thing an ad agency could do for the public was ‘probably not run ads.’  To give John and Jane Q a break from ads this holiday season, so they spent $10k on blank white ads. Blank white ads.


The blank white ads became the “White Christmas,” a campaign which Wunder bought $10,000 worth of advertising space—#billboards, #transit shelters, bus ads, ferry terminal ads, a full-page newspaper ad, social ads—and left them totally blank as a gift to ad weary consumers. 

OOH Today would like to have seen a digital OOH display as part of the plan.  Actually, we would have liked to see nearly anything but white space. White space for 8 seconds on a digital would have been quite a trick.

More #OOH examples below because white-out #billboards/OOH are pretty interesting. How does that old saying go? “If you seen one you seen the other one too?”











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  1. Seth. says

    Hey. Bill. We have some “white boards“ as well, Please tell us who we are to invoice for this space??


  2. Bill Board says

    ha I love it! Great sense of humor! Thanks I need that for a Friday! Thank you Seth