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Women in OOH Spotlight—Julie Radlovic

OOH Today highlights how each of the Top Women Driving Growth in Out-of-Home are making history.

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by Sarah Druhan, OOH Today Journalist

Throughout the rest of Women’s History Month, we at OOH Today will be exploring how each of the selections on our list of the Top 24 Women Who Drive Growth In Out-of-Home have made their mark on the industry. While OOH has long been seen as a male-dominated sphere, every one of these women is a symbol of how our industry can and must change—and each of them has an important story to tell.

Today the focus of our Spotlight is Julie Radlovic, Group Vice President at OUTFRONT Media.

1) How can the industry take a bigger slice of total ad spend? 

JR: There is a big dip in linear TV with so many streaming companies out there now, and digital advertising still faces a lot of fraud. The OOH industry is making drastic changes and improvement in our measurement systems: this is the perfect time to win share. OOH has no fraud, it can’t be fast forwarded, skipped, or ignored. And while it may be the oldest media form out there, it still proves to be one of the most effective media channels.

2) What’s the most interesting part of your job?

JR: I love leading a sales team, and also learning the nuances that all the other departments within our industry face. I also love seeing a clients face light up when they see their ad, and especially when stars post our ads (or any OOH ad) on Social Media. The power of social combined with OOH is incredibly impactful.

3) What’s your golden rule for the workplace?

JR: Be respectful of your co-workers, we are a team. Lean on each other, learn from each other, ask probing questions and don’t be afraid to adapt to change. Ask for help when you need it and be the ultimate resource and supplier for your clients. Stay above the line, own up to your mistakes and create solutions, not problems. Also remember that not everyone is motivated by the same thing, so lead with purpose and intent.

4) When did you first know that this was the industry for you?

JR: I came from Radio sales, and one of my mentors moved to a position in OOH and brought me over.  It was within the first week of the transition that I knew this was a medium I could believe in, trust in, and sell with a passion.

5) What’s the key to your success?

JR: I think it’s not to take things too seriously, and to have fun.   We are helping companies and businesses grow. We are not saving lives or curing cancer, so to speak. Keep the focus where the focus needs to be, don’t overthink things. Be responsive, knowledgeable, resourceful and kind. And don’t ever think you know everything, we are ALWAYS learning and no one is perfect!

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