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Alternate Reality

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Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were told you had to pick another profession and start tomorrow?  Money wasn’t a determining factor, but you needed to pick something you were already good at.  It would be like waking up and finding your world had changed.

What would you do?  Be a teacher? A Forest Ranger?  A captain of a ship or a professional house cleaner or gardener, or maybe a ski instructor?

Do you look back and think of opportunities lost or passed by that would have taken you in a different direction?  If being in the sales profession was no longer a choice what would I pick to be?

I am going to surprise you.

I would paint houses.  I have painted a lot of walls and ceilings in my lifetime. Because of these painting projects, I have accumulated a  large cache of professional brushes, rollers, and sprayers. I  know my way around a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams store. I can tell the difference between eggshell and semi-gloss finishes and why you want to use each. I only buy the best equipment and paint supplies since I justify I am already saving money doing it myself.

I am a detail-oriented person, perhaps a bit OCD.  This is a good trait for a painter; you need to be neat and precise to be good at it. Painting is very Zen-like, peaceful, and calm. I do very little talking and usually get lost listening to audiobooks or meditative music.  I have been in sales for 40 years, so this might be a nice change of pace, but I would likely get bored painting all the time every day.

Ah…but that wasn’t the point of today’s post.  It’s about doing and enjoying what one is good at.   Come to think of it, maybe I’ll change my decision to a Walmart Greeter.  That’s not a sales job, is it?
Steve Lind
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