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Why We Put Up That Billboard…Funny You Ask

Red Stick and Burning Stick —Both Louisiana

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Why We Put Up That Billboard…

We received a note yesterday via email to the OOH Today corporate offices from an Amy Jones, Founder of Burning Stick Creative, located in Lafayette, Louisiana.  We don’t know anyone in Lafayette, Louisiana and we sure don’t know Amy or Burning Stick, but we do know a lot of wonderful people from Red Stick, Louisiana. (AKA Baton Rouge, which means Red Stick in french and home to Lamar Advertising).

Amy Jones’ subject line said, “Why We Put Up That Billboard… Funny You Ask…” 

Being ever vigilant but never suspicious, we decided to risk it and open the email. How could we resist an opening comment like that?   The email had a photo of a #billboard whose copy read, “We bought this billboard so Gordon McKernan couldn’t.  The reference to Gordon McKernan was lost on us.  At the end of this post we’ll enlighten you who McKernan is.

Amy had us at “We bought this billboard…”  A self promotion on a billboard was enough for us to bite and publish. Her story telling grew stronger with phrases like, “changed the landscape for a month,” (Isn’t that what we do? Change the landscape with OOH?) “Life is too interesting to take it slow and safe,” and “collaborate over cocktails.”  Her comments, together, in the intro email, is sure to capture the attention of the elusive of new business prospects.  Poke around in social media at Amy’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll read more specifics about the success and website traffic the #OOH generated.

Read her email below.  We like her story and are happy to give her space with OOH Today.  Though, I am not sure why she would want it.  We are a sucker for these kind of stories. Thanks Amy Jones.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for the Gordon McKernan reveal.


Two weeks ago, we changed the landscape of Lafayette, LA for a month.

Subsequently, we’ve been asked one question over and over – why did we do it?

No, we weren’t paid to do it by anybody else. We put it up because it was too funny NOT to. We take risks. We get results. Who wouldn’t want to increase their website traffic by 800% and get asked to meet with potential clients around the state?

Life is too interesting to take it slow and safe.

We come up with all our ideas because we love to collaborate on quirky and funny creative and usually have cocktails when it’s over. At Burning Stick Creative, we get results. Our graphic designers, video producers, editors, web designers, copy writers and strategists are all here – in house. Concepts we create, we execute.

So we thought you should get to know about us by doing what we do best — fun, cheeky, relevant and undeniable advertising.

Burning Stick Creative isn’t subtle. We burn bright. And if we can do this for ourselves? Think about what we can do for you…

Amy Jones
Burning Stick Creative


Who is Gordon McKernan? An attorney who buys tons of OOH in Louisiana!









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  1. Eric Ennis says

    Creative and fun idea!

  2. Bill Board says

    Agreed, they did well Eric. Thank you