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Why Color Impacts your OOH Target Audience well before any Words

Quick Guide to Color Selection in Outdoor Advertising

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There is something about Bright Yellow in OOH.  Bright, pure yellow, demands attention. Which is the chief reason taxicabs are yellow. Yellow creates optimism and is great for children’s products. The color chart below, ranks color contrasts. 

Color impacts the OOH target audience well before any words are read or numbers are noticed. Not that anyone notices numbers in the first place. In design, OOH color combinations should be consciously examined giving consideration to the response sought to be invoked and the motivation to be driven by the brand. It’s not enough that you like it.  Color is one of over a dozen considerations when designing Outdoor Advertising. See the color chart for color combinations.  Note yellow and red, both appear 7 times of the 14 possibilities, yet yellow remains in the top 10 more than red.  When it comes to the color black, nothing beats the consistency of value, with black leading readability in the top 4 of 4 combinations. 

There is a whole psychology behind the big 8 brand colors.  

We love the Train Wrap for Peter Rabbit. The Los Angeles Metro train wrap is installed on Metro Blue Line.  The bright yellow grabs attention while creatively luring the attraction of children.

The train wrap is for client Sony Pictures upcoming film, Peter Rabbit. click for movie trailer⇒  PETER RABBIT . Release date is February 9.  James Corden stars and sounds hilarious.  @SonyPictures

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  2. Bill Board says

    So the primary color on the Peter Rabbit train,which is yellow, is appropriate message of Happiness, Energy and Joy. Thank you for sharing MSSMedia

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