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How to Capture a Moving Billboard.

When you can't get to the billboard, bring the billboard to you.

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When you can’t get to the billboard, bring the billboard to you. The Bus.  A Large, Noisy and Awkward Beast which Lumbers on the busiest streets.   It moves throughout Metropolitan areas often imposing itself in your face as both pedestrian and vehicle.  Visible from multiple directions, the mobility of the image demands sharp, easy to read copy and design to capture its message. A moving billboard.

The effective bus design above, for what is typically a tough category, the car dealer.  Auto dealers historically want every inch of the white space covered with multiple messages.  This bus design for Atlanta Area Nissan auto dealer, Town Center Nissan and by Out of Home Creative succeeded in brevity and design. Melody Roberts knows how to capture a moving billboard.  @ooh_creative

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