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Where’s the Books? —OBIE Book —Available in Early JULY

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2023 OBIE Awards Book

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Publishers note:
The ‘OBIE Book’ is typically an excellent collection of the best OOH Creative as recognized by the OAAA’s OBIE Awards. We have our order in. We recommend you do as well.

This is the second time we are sharing the announcement of ‘Pre Order’, with the first announcement coming out in May.  Here we are, basically in July and still no books or even an exact date when the books will be actually available. “Early July”, we are told.  One has to wonder if the response for books has been poor causing delay in the production?  Not a surprise if that’s the case. It is so very late after the actual event, which was in March. That is more than 3 months ago. Perhaps we are losing enthusiasm with the event so far removed?

Marketing 101, strike while the iron is hot!  The enthusiasm and desire to want that memory, the keepsake if you will, is right after the winners are announced. Immediacy! Want is strongest immediately.

Back in the day, not so distant past, the books and a CD (remember those) were handed out at the actual event. One could order more after the event as well. What’s going on? Or better said, What’s not going on? The OAAA in its effort to sell more books reminds us, “the best out of home creative work of the past year … is an ideal leave-behind during agency calls or as a gift for your customers. Agreed. In tribute to Clara Peller, Where’s the Books? For the youngers reading, here’s → Clara Peller 

When I was selling, I showed up with a bag of the books with every client visit, local and national. They loved them. The ‘books’ were very much a great leave behind and opportunity to discuss in the effort to sell more OOH.

Let’s face it, we are entering the last half of the year. Sales calls continue. Unsold inventory never gets to be sold again. Budgets are being made and spent. If the ‘Obie Books’ are of value, they should be available NOW. Better yet, available in March or when ever the Awards are given. That aside said, order the book please. For the love of OOH.  OAAA OBIE Book announcement follows. ↓

Celebrate Creative Excellence with the OBIE Book

Get inspired by the year’s best and brightest OOH creative anytime with the 2023 OBIE Book, which pays tribute to all of this year’s winners and finalists.

This book is the perfect way to keep the OBIE magic going. Pricing is $15 for OAAA members and $30 for non-members. Books will ship in early July.

Grab your copy of this keepsake today!


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