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Wolverine Sign Works — OOH Owner Today

Over a century and fourth generation family-owned

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OOH Owner Today Wolverine Sign Works 

Wolverine Sign Works has been in the OOH industry for over a century and is now in the fourth generation of being a family-owned business. In 1916, the company was founded by Ralph Vosburg and J. Gratz Cook after an unlikely coincidence. Folklore relates that the two traveling salesmen struck up a conversation at a hotel and discovered that they both lived in the town of Owosso, MI. With both men possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, they decided to use Vosburg’s experience and resources in the sign-selling business to start up a sign rental business.

Subsequently, Cook and Vosburg borrowed against their life insurance and used the money to start Wolverine Sign Works, naming it after Michigan – the Wolverine State. They headquartered the business in Owosso, and ever since 1920, it has operated in the now over 100-year-old building.

Although the world is quite different than it was at the company’s inception in the early twentieth century, Wolverine has steadfastly been committed to leadership, delivering a top-of-the-line product, and providing remarkable service. Since the company’s founding, Wolverine stands behind the effectiveness of outdoor advertising to draw in consumers and establish brands in the hearts and minds of consumers. In their own words: “It’s much more than size that makes outdoor special.”


Midwest United States

Owosso, Michigan

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