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An Addictive Industry

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During a recent conversation with one of my favorite long-term clients, she was excited to tell me her daughter was getting into “the business.”  There was a pause for a few moments over the phone. Then we both blurted out, “Yes, it’s addictive.”

Something about this OOH industry, possibly the ever-changing visuals or the long-term relationships fostered over a succession of great campaigns, eventually becomes a habit-forming addiction, causing many of us to make this into a lifelong career. It’s not unusual to hear someone post on LinkedIn, “I love OOH, and I love this business! ”

I don’t believe these are quirky individuals but the consensus.  OOH folks are genuinely enthused about their role in this growing industry.  This is unique to OOH.   You can’t share photos of a radio spot!  OOH is a shared experience; that’s what makes it so valuable.

OOH is a great industry to work in.  If you’re willing to work hard, have decent people skills, and have patience, you can be successful. We also seem unified in welcoming a new generation into this business, open to new ideas and improvements. Yes, some of us may still be considered old school, but these glacial attitudes are slowly melting along with the actual glaciers out there.

FotoFetch is part of that new wave of thinking and shows how the industry diversifies.   The demand for photography used to be simple, install photos or marketing photos, but now, it has changed to a need for multiple uses and types of photos desired.  And the world has sped up to hyper-speeds and demands.  Doing it all on your own is no longer an option.  The people you hire today must be productive for you by focusing on their specific jobs that make money.

Adding menial tasks, or digressing employees from their main job, reduces productivity and tends to bring down company morale. Put your employees back to their best use and call on FotoFetch to take care of the one part of your business we do well.

Great images and service are a gateway to long-term relationships and business. We in OOH have a great story to tell.  People love to tell a good story, and that’s what FotoFetch helps you do.  Addiction can easily be a two-way street.


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