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When It Quacks Like A Duck… OOH in the Hunt

The TOXY Podcast #25

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Podcast #25 —OOH In the Hunt
hen It Quacks Like A Duck…

The TOXY Podcast 

For the second time in as many podcasts, the Board Room examines a recent podcast produced by a technology organization we’ll call, ‘X’ . Technology Organization ‘X’ (TOXY), who shall remain nameless, elects to punch its way into the OOH Industry for acceptance rather than prove its value. The Board Room discusses the pros and cons of the podcast in a professional and logical manner.

How does one define the difference between a squeaky wheel and quacking duck? 

Should the ‘fowl’ be recognized? 

The issues by ‘TOXY’ examined by the Board Room—

  1. Are OAAA and Geopath colluding?
  2. Are the two associations keeping other measurement groups out of the Industry?
  3. Should the Industry recognize and celebrate emerging tech? with awards?

The Board Room Adds—

  1. Who is responsible for Outdoor Advertising Industry direction? The Future of OOH
  2. Should OOH associations revisit its webinar process?

You will want to hear the Board’s Discussion on the topics.


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Join us on the 23 minute podcast.

The Board Room 
OOH Experts / Board Members:
Todd Hansen, Jack Sullivan, Daniel Wilkins and Bob Wolfe

Podcast #25  — 23 minutes —Click the orange circle/white arrow below to listen

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Podcast produced by William Farmer




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  1. jonathan freeman says

    Great content Bill. But please buy a real microphone so we can hear your wonderful voice more clearly

  2. jonathan freeman says

    I liked the content. Btw

  3. Bill Board says

    ha agreed. thank you Jonathan Freeman for sharing. We have the expensive microphone. But it is the Indian not the arrow. That intro was particularly poor. Please accept my apologies. We will try to do better next time. Thank you for your support and listening.

  4. Bill Board says

    Thank you. Content is our standard bearer.

  5. Tesser Ting says

    TOXY is a prolific troll and like most trolls they should not be fed. However the Linked In posts are highly amusing to read, how I laugh.

    The position TROXY has taken is extremely Trumpian; unable to answer different questions, bad tone, bad value system, etc.

    The troll patent approach is also amusing as if any claims are actually made they can be countered with a “claim or prior art”. This has happened before in OOH and the approach failed Monstrously.

    Punching your way in will enemies, which by definition is not a smart strategy. The fact there is a discussion about shooting the duck validates this statement.