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What is OOH’s Image Outside The Industry?

While Everyone was 'off' last Friday, an interesting Out of Home Story

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What is OOH’s Image Outside The Industry?

Where is OOH’s Joe DiMaggio?


While everyone was ‘off’ last Friday, an interesting Out of Home story was released by MediaPost in their MediaDaily News section by Tony Jarvis, Proprietor and Research Architect for Olympic Media Consultancy. Jarvis renewed his deeply held concerns for the future of Out of Home measurement.

Citing OOH Today’s recent post by Daniel Wilkins of Agency672, We Deserve Better’ and the subsequent OOH Today Board Room Podcast, What the Hell Happened to OOH Last Month? —OOH Today Podcast 56 —A Look at the Recent Events, Jarvis’ quotes Wilkins’ comments, calling the OAAA process “a monumental PR screw-up, a sentiment that I have heard echoed by many others.”  

Wilkins’ expanded observations in the Jarvis post aligns and expands his initial messages. Paraphrasing a Wilkins’ question; Does the Industry benefit by the newly proposed Guidelines and Standards on Impressions which were primarily developed and advocated by the Big 3 Out of Home companies? “Is what is good for them necessarily good for the industry?”

We can not help but wonder if this is a ‘monumental PR screw-up‘ which will economically setback OOH just as the pandemic is coming under control in this Country and it appears outdoor is beginning to see signs of recovery.

As an Industry dependent on images, how do these recent actions make Outdoor Advertising look to the Agency and Brand side? What is OOH’s image outside the Industry? 

“I can just hear them chanting, “Nobody sees outdoor posters”
—just as they did in days of yore.”


The entire development certainly encourages comments from the likes of media experts albeit, broadcast (TV) specialists, like Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc. who wrote:

“What is probably behind the thinking that “impressions” are better is the belief—totally unfounded–that bigger numbers—“box car numbers” in the eyes of sophisticated buyers—-will lead to larger ad revenues. Nothing could be farther from the likely outcome. Now, as so often in the past, skeptical buyers will be discounting OOH “impressions”—probably by a much larger degree than is justified were the eyes-on-poster metrics available. I can just hear them chanting, “Nobody sees outdoor posters”—just as they did in days of yore.”

We recommend if you have a horse in this race, and nearly everyone (≈125,000 monthly visitors, 3100+ subscribers and 24,000+ network) who reads OOH Today is invested in Out of Home, the time is now to speak out and become involved sharing your viewpoint. Use the ‘Leave a Reply’ section at the bottom of this page, or join in with comments in LinkedIn or send us your thoughts to BillBoard@OOHToday.com.

We’ll welcome all constructive comments, particularly those from the Agency and Brand side, who to date, have been conspicuously absent.

Where is OOH’s Joe DiMaggio? Referencing Simon & Garfunkel’s Mrs. Robinson (live from The Concert in Central Park)

Read the Media Post commentary by Tony Jarvis here ‘What The Heck Happened in OOH? A Post-Cabal Analysis With Agency672’s Daniel Wilkins’


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