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Transit Shelter Cast Couch

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JCDecaux NYC photo and shelter

Transit Shelters —OOH Street Furniture.

In the video example below,  ABC’s television show Roseanne, sets up the show’s ‘living room couch’ with innovative shelters in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The network replaced typical bus stop benches with the enduring family sofa providing a near real backdrop similar to the show’s interior decorated set.  “Roseannes” living room – with afghan and thread-bare sofa plastic couch, loving family portraits on the wall.  Bus shelter art mimicking life.

Shelters are considered Street Furniture. Pull up a chair. Get comfortable.  If you have to wait for a bus or just need to put your feet up because there is no where else, what more comfortable way of doing so?
Don’t forget the video with the guy taking a nap.

JCDecaux Chicago photo and shelter


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