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Sister Jean – It’s Not Nice to Poke Fun at a Nun

Party of Four Between Heaven and Hail

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Sister Jean Party of Four Between Heaven and Hail

Local restaurant  supports the Loyola University Chicago

Out of Home poster in Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of University of Michigan and Final Four Basketball team recently posted, as above by Adams Outdoor. “Sister Jean will soon know the difference between heaven and hail.”

The home town financial institution, Bank of Ann Arbor, is obviously betting on the home town team, U of M. The ‘hail’ comes from the school’s infamous fight song.  Listen to the ⇒School Fight Song, “The Victors”, where the word ‘hail’ is used 13 times.  Nice play on words.  Or is it?

“It’s not nice to disrespect a nun.”

On the other side, 98-year-old, Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, team Chaplin for U of M opponent, Loyola University Chicago,  will never know hell. Sister Jean realizes her school’s basketball team may not make the run to end but she is in heaven right now with the success of the miracle story which is Loyola-Chicago. Click⇒ Loyola

As the Bank of Ann Arbor suggests, the end is near with this Saturday’s game (game time 6:09 EST) when her alma mater and employer, Loyola University Chicago, will most likely leave the basketball court in defeat. 

Or had the OOH poster sealed the fate of the University of Michigan?

Consider the prescient observations by my Polish American Catholic Chicago, Loyola Ramblers friends and concurrently, by my dear Polish Catholic Detroit friends, who support the Wolverines.  Both, stated in separate conversations, with different emphasis in support of their teams:  ‘the Bank of Ann Arbor may have sealed the game’s fate saying’, “It’s not nice to poke fun at a nun.”  Do you believe in divine intervention?  You can be sure Sister Jean does.  

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