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Andrea MacDonald —What’s on Your Phone?

OOH Phone Life

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OOH Phone Life

 What’s on your phone?

Andrea MacDonald

President/CEO, MacDonald Media

Andrea MacDonald, is President and CEO of MacDonald Media for the last 20 years. MacDonald Media is the leading independent media agency specializing in Out-of-Home and Non-Traditional Media.  MacDonald Media provides strategy, planning, buying and reporting from offices across the country.


Andrea MacDonald reveals her phone life.

Brand of phone
Samsung Galaxy S8+

First app checked in the AM and last before bed?

What is your most-used app?
Email  (oh, so boring)

Most listened to track on iTunes, Pandora or Spotify?
Seal Radio on Pandora –  insane Seal fan.

Number of unread emails?
12,398 (OMG) – wait, on the phone app it is only 42!

Close friend? Siri or Alexa
Alexa occasionally

Typical number of phone calls a day?

Average unreturned phone calls a day?
25 (😊)

Most essential app while traveling?
Delta Airlines

Most recent Uber or Lyft trip?
From Bobcat Ln to Jeffrey’s Restaurant, Moab, UT – $21.95 – fun fact, there is only 1 Uber driver in Moab.

How many LinkedIn connections?

Cities listed in your weather app or world clock app?
New York, NY; Denver, CO; Portland, OR.

Person you FaceTime the most?
My Step-Daughter

How long was your most recent phone call and whom was it with?
An hour with IT finding server files

Favorite Emoji?


Craziest place you left your phone behind?
An airport restroom – an Australian tourist found it, called my colleague and left it, along with a lovely note, with the nearby Newsstand manager so I could pick it up.  So nice!

Alarm settings?
6am –

Number of contacts in the phone?

Am I in it?
Er, ummmm……

Favorite podcast?

App you wish someone would invent?
We are finishing one up right now to assist in OOH media management – stay tuned!

Favorite restaurant-related app?
Open Table

Fitness or Workout app?
Yoga Studio

Are there times you try to stay off your phone entirely?
When hiking/biking – other than that, not really ever !

At what battery percentage do you feel compelled to charge your phone?

Chrome, Firefox or Safari or Google?



OOH Phone Life is a new OOH Today feature for fun and familiarity.  It is a near exact format as from The Wall Street Journal Magazine. OOH Today spotlights women and men who define Outdoor Advertising adding a personal dimension.  Relationships are an important part of OOH and is an Industry where the people behind the company, are as important as the company itself.



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