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Top 5 OOH Operators In NYC

3 Unique Sets of Top 5 Outdoor Operators in NYC Metro

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New Tradition Media


Here Are 3 Unique Sets of Top 5 OOH Operators
in the NYC DMA 

So you think you know NYC Outdoor?  We did too.  Boy were we wrong.
Sliced and diced, as one can do with the versatility of Geopath’s Insights Suite, we did some search, to share with you the unique Outdoor Advertising landscape around the Country. Today focus is on NYC. 
Next Week we’ll suss out Los Angeles OOH.

Browsing around the Geopath Insights Suite for answers in search of the top OOH operators in the glitz of NYC market. We learned right away there is a great deal more to NYC than Times Square. Search by spots or as I like to say, the top OOH companies by inventory. From our search, these 3 unique lists of top 5 OOH Owners.  These operators currently have the most Geopath-audited & measured ad opportunities in the industry as set by the criteria we input.


Overall, Top 5 OOH owners in the NYC DMA by spot count:

1) Intersection
2) PMD Media
3) Outfront Media
4) JCDecaux
5) InSite Street Media

Geopath measures 79K+ unique spots across the NYC DMA, accounting for 6.5 Billion impressions a week!



1) Outfront Media
2) Clear Channel Outdoor
3) Lamar Advertising
4) New Tradition
5) Interstate Outdoor Advertising

There are 3,043 unique spots on digital bulletins in the city, accounting for 1.2 Billion impressions a week


Who Owns the Most Non-Digital Bulletins in the NYC DMA:

1) Outfront Media
2) Lamar Advertising
3) Clear Channel Outdoor
4) Interstate Outdoor
5) Barrett Outdoor Communications

(There’s obviously a steep drop off)

There are 2,447 static bulletins measured in the Geopath Insights Suite, accounting for 1 Billion impressions a week.


We emphasis ‘currently’, because the list will undoubtedly change as Geopath onboards more networks. There are many large place-based networks which are not audited and therefore missing from the Geopath data, which if they are audited, could change the rankings of the lists above. 

Contact Geopath at geekOUT@geopath.org to discover your own data and insights. 



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