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To All The Girls I Loved Before

Like a train wreck in slow motion

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OOH …Here’s One Thing



by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company



To All The Girls I Loved Before



I’ve never been a big Willie Nelson or Julio Iglesias fan, but you have to respect both men’s craft.  It is interesting to see them perform together as younger men.  

“The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I tried to stay
The winds of change continued blowing
And they just carried me away”  (Willie Nelson)

Johnsen, you getting soft on us?  Well…no stay with me here, the song fits…but as an old seasoned Investment Banker, it is interesting to see all the s.c.u.t’s (sophomores currently under training) whining about the workload in the news this past week.  Come on.  You sacrificed everything and everyone to get the internship, that led to the internship, which led to the full time offer.  Now one year in, your saying you were misled about the trade you made (aka sacrificing everything for the dough)?  Just saying.  

Okay I digress.  Back to all the girls.  This past week I mentioned Media Vehicles to an accomplished agency person and his response was Media wha?  It got me thinking.  How many outdoor companies, particularly alternative ones, have come and gone and are now forgotten.  Some left with a bang.  Some were like a train wreck in slow motion.  It’s a good lesson for anyone thinking about putting ads where they haven’t been posted before.  Here is my list.  I am sure I missed a ton, so feel free to hit me back with additions to this list and I will repost in a few weeks.  Thanks.  Wishing you all a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter.  

  1. Media Vehicles (truckside advertising)
  2. Alloy Media and Marketing (college ads)
  3. MaxRacks (bar postcards)
  4. Go Cards (bar postcards)  – funny snippet:  https://www.reddit.com/r/AskNYC/comments/f6x551/late_1990s_anyone_remember_those_free_postcards/
  5. Reatrix (interactive mall advertising)
  6. Elevator News Network (ads in elevators)
  7. Outernet (ads on tv screens in grocery stores)
  8. PRN (Walmart TV…almost went public back when $100MM meant something)
  9. Floorgraphics (ads on supermarket floors)
  10. Boxtop Media (ads on milk cartons…unclear whether shut down or not)
  11. EggAds (stamps on eggs…someone help w name)
  12. Free Car Media (car wraps)
  13. Electronic Billboard Network (one of first digital mall plays)
  14. Pinpoint Media (convenience store digital screens)
  15. Metrolites (are they still around?  parking garage kiosks)
  16. Cafe USA (digital screens in food courts)
  17. Carosell (ads on baggage carousels)
  18. Health Club Panel Network (ads in gyms)
  19. AJ Indoor (ads above urinals)
  20. Ad Walls (still very successfully around in Honolulu)
  21. Score Media (ads in bathrooms of professional sports venues)
  22. Parking Meter Ads (missing co name here…help!)
  23. Skiview (ads on chairlifts)
  24. Keyplan (ads on ski racks)
  25. 2ATee Golf (ads on golf carts)
  26. Trashtalk Media (ads on trashcans)
  27. Outcast Media (gas pump digital displays)
  28. The Convenience Network (convenience stores)
  29. Smart Tap (water fountain advertising)
  30. Danoo (digital screens in delis and coffee shops)
  31. Ripple TV (digital screens in delis and coffee shops)
  32. Digital Promo Network (digital screens at convenience store cash register)
  33. Sub-Media (subway “flipcard” video)
  34. 3M Truckstop Advertising
  35. Adboy Media (mobile billboards)
  36. Affinity Group Networks (ads in banks)
  37. Pinpoint Golf (ads at driving ranges)
  38. iPort Media (ads in optometrist offices)
  39. Street Blimps (one of the first mobile billboard companies)
  40. CNN Airport News (yes just read they are a late casualty here⇒ Network Shuttering)

Note, if I had more time, the list would have been longer.  Also note, I tried to confirm a company was gone based either on direct knowledge or the fact the website was no longer.  If I messed up and you still exist…my deepest condolences.



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