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The Marriage Proposal of A Lifetime—Jackie and Eric

A Poignant Proposal

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by Benny Taubman, OOH TODAY Reporter

Sometimes, dreams really do come true. On Dec. 7, Jacqlyn Roberts, Director of the OOH agency Talon America and a self-described “OOH Enthusiast,” finally received the marriage proposal that she had always fantasized about: the phrase “Jackie, will you marry me?” on a gigantic LED billboard in the heart of Manhattan. 

“It was overwhelming in the best way possible,” said Roberts. “[My first thought was] ‘Was this for me?! That can’t be for me! What is going on?!’ It was so amazing to see my dreams come to reality! It all felt like a dream; I’m still digesting how awesome the day was!”

Roberts’ unforgettable night went as follows. Her friend, Alanna Wilson, had invited Roberts to a made-up work event that night and the two planned to meet at a nearby

 Starbucks beforehand. After meeting at the coffee shop, the two set off and strolled along the bright New York City streets to the fictional workplace function. As both of them walked further, they eventually reached an unmissable digital billboard with large, black words on a bright white background, a photo, and a familiar man standing underneath.

Roberts soon realized that the man was her then-boyfriend Eric Solomon, the photo was of them together, and the billboard boasted a heartfelt marriage proposal. If it wasn’t obvious – Roberts said “yes.” Subsequently, others on the street cheered the betrothed on and the families and friends of Solomon and Roberts came out of their hiding places to give the two hugs and take photos.

“Being in OOH, I know the impact billboards can have as they are meant to garner a lot of attention, especially in that area,” said Roberts. “It was exciting to see this first hand from people walking by on the street, recognizing me from the photo, and expressing their excitement by cheering and taking photos and videos. Extra special thanks to Eric Solomon, Danielle Roberts, our families, Alanna Wilson, Barbara Cevallos (Talon), Logan Purdy (Talon), Connor Riegel (Branded Cities) & OF COURSE Branded Cities in general, for all helping to coordinate such a special moment in my life! It is truly amazing how many people came together to make this happen!”

As Solomon is also part of the industry – he works at the agency Publicis – he had the connections to get the job done. For the billboard, Solomon enlisted the help of OOH owner Branded Cities, who he says “were excited and willing to find a way to help and make this work!” Solomon says the idea for the creative proposal came naturally.

“Given Jackie’s OOH background in the industry, this was the most appropriate way to propose when brainstorming for the most creative proposal ideas,” said Solomon. “She has also hinted over the years this could be a fun way to propose.  Given our fortunate connections to the OOH industry, it seemed like a no-brainer.”

The OOH Today Team would like to congratulate Roberts and Solomon on their engagement and their now-eternalized marriage proposal. This is one for the books.

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