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The IBO Agency Club

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IBOUSA Creates
the IBO Agency Club



Ardmore, OK —The IBOUSA network of independent OOH media owners has grown to over 215 companies with a footprint of around 85,000 faces in 170+ DMAs reaching metropolitan, suburban and rural markets and expanding their access to inventory with the help of their IBO COOP Marketplace Speedway.  The Speedway is a proprietary solution that brings many forms of inventory management together in a way that makes it easy for IBO to provide availability and pricing to a wide array of buyer and buying platforms.

Lisa Rondina

“We’re very excited to add a new outreach position to the IBO HQ”, said Chris Cowlbeck, General Manager of IBOUSA.  “Lisa Rondina is a seasoned veteran in the OOH industry for several decades and will be assisting IBO as the Enterprise Marketing Advocate.  In this role Lisa will be reaching out to local and regional agencies to explain the IBO Speedway and inform them of the various services IBO makes available to its Associates.”

“We are also creating a new tier in our IBO networking group to bring the buying side to the discussion,” said Cowlbeck.  “We introduce the IBO Agency Club that will enable an agency to attend our conferences, participate in the IBO Speedway automation, and to benefit from the various services we offer like IBO Online Ad platform and the IBO Health Insurance program.  It’s very affordable and an effective way to begin saving administrative costs for your agency.”

“I’ve not been as excited as any time in my life for the opportunities that are opened up by all the IBO initiatives,” said Rondina.  “While I have a list of over 10,000 ad agencies across the country to connect with, I’m fortunate to know quite a few of you already.  If we haven’t spoken in a while, please shoot me an email (lisa@IBOUSA.org) or contact the office and I will get right with you! ”

For more information about how IBOUSA can help agencies, please visit https://www.ibousa.org/associates/agencies/


IBOUSA is a networking group of companies that have a common interest in promoting all things of importance to the OOH Industry. Billboard operators, vendors, consultants, agencies and advertisers enjoy the fruits of our collective efforts and we have forged wonderful friendships over the years.
Visit IBOUSA.org.



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