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Sizzling Summer Prime Time – It’s Here!

Hints of the Post-Pandemic “Roaring 20’s”

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Sizzling Summer Prime Time – It’s Here!


by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media

With the first day of summer rapidly approaching and COVID numbers decreasing nationwide, we are beginning to see a glimmer – or a bright shining light rather – of opportunity for the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry. After a period of stagnating growth in ad spending, and in many cases, a significant contraction since March 2020, we are anticipating things to turn around for the better. Here are just a few windows of opportunities businesses can expect to see as we roar into summer.

People are Sprinting to the Outdoors

Being outdoors is quintessential for OOH – after all, it’s in the name! Thanks to mass vaccinations, restrictions are beginning to ease resulting in people flooding the parks, restaurants, and other services they’ve been starved of since 2020. Research predicts that hopes remain high for the summer of 2021- noting that 81% of people are planning to visit a shopping mall, 76% are planning a holiday or staycation, and 58% are planning to hit the restaurants once they open if they haven’t already. All these people outside mean more eyes on advertisements and more opportunities to reach consumers.

Hints of the Post-Pandemic Roaring 20s”

Rumors of a “roaring 20’s” post-COVID is a much talked about subject amongst doctors and medical sociologists who study the impact of pandemics. We can actually look at the history books to see the patterns of how societies responded to epidemics, including the influenza pandemic in 1918. During such times, people become risk-averse and avoid excess spending where possible. However, after the dangers ease up, people relentlessly seek out social interactions and as a result, inject money back into businesses. That means a massive season of growth for businesses and advertising, especially OOH-related.

All this to say, by no means will the pandemic be over, but (and this is a big but), we will begin to see some major steps in this direction over the summer. With 50% of US citizens estimated to have received both doses by the end of June, and 90% of Canadians projected to have received their first dose by late June, some semblance of normality is expected to return, albeit gradually, during this summer period.

Wrap Up

This summer will truly be an exciting moment in time – not only for people who can finally start raising a glass with friends, but also for those who wish to start marketing their business in different ways. When you think about it, OOH is perfectly poised for major growth, with people being more receptive than ever to messages that come from somewhere other than a screen. Especially ones that happen to be in the great outdoors, where everyone is rushing to be.


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