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Selling Fear to Advance OOH Programmatic Acceptance

Fear Sells —Until You Stop Buying It

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Podcast #24 —Selling Fear to Advance OOH Programmatic Acceptance

Fear Sells —Until you stop buying it

When a Programmatic organization ♦(link to the post below) takes a predictable turn suggesting fear is preventing the OOH Industry from adopting Programmatic, it’s time for the Board Room to discuss. 

The statement— ‘The Thing Holding Back Programmatic DOOH Growth in 2020 Is FEAR’

The issues:

  1. Is the thing holding back programmatic DOOH growth fear?
  2. Are OOH Industry Buyers and Sellers too slow or too set in its ways (‘190 years of the same way’) to grasp the value of programmatic?
  3. Do OOH buyers and sellers lack programmatic understanding?
  4. Could it be the programmatic solutions are not fully developed?
  5. Are Programmatic providers so desperate, being backed on the ropes, calling for return on investments?
  6. Is it fear of OOH Industry?
  7. OOH Agencies and OOH Owners,  Are you afraid? 

Join us on the 24 minute podcast.

The Board Room 
OOH Experts / Board Members:
Todd Hansen, Jack Sullivan, Daniel Wilkins and Bob Wolfe

Podcast #24  — 24 minutes —Click the orange circle/white arrow below to listen


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♦Link to Broadsign Product Owner Matthew Mercuri ⇒The Thing Holding Programmatic …is FEAR

Podcast produced by William Farmer




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