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SellerCrowd is an Anonymous Community for Media Salespeople Sharing Breaking News About Brands and Agencies

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Discover some of the most recent topics being discussed by the crowd here…

Looking Lovely
Omnicom Media Group’s ‘bespoke’ unit for the L’Oréal US account, Beauty Co-Lab, is taking shape. The crowd shared some names of who’s on the team. Full Thread Here>>>

Getting Together
If you’ve attended the OAAA/Geopath conference in Nashville at the end of last month, did you learn anything new and interesting? Share your thoughts with the crowd. Full Thread Here>>>

On Target?
The end of Q1 has come and gone! As promised, back at the start of Q1 in our ‘how are you feeling about meeting Q1 goals’ poll, we said we’d come back and compare your prediction to how you ended up.
So for this week’s ‘Poll of the Week’ Q: Did you hit your sales goals for Q1? 🗳Cast your vote & join the discussion. Full Thread Here>>> 

Do You Know?
Anyone have a contact for Poker Stars re OOH, digital media placement? Full Thread Here>>>
Anyone have a good contact at ITA Airways? Is that bought direct? Full Thread Here>>>
Anyone got intel on where/who the media agency is for Naloxone? Full Thread Here>>>
Does anyone know who handles Comedy Central OOH? Full Thread Here>>>
Anyone here have the 411 on what agencies are buying for Nevada Health, Human Services? Full Thread Here>>>

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