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Lamar Joins Green Bay Media to Rally Support

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Green Bay, Wis. — In a collaborative effort to replace Aspiro’s fleet of buses, which were destroyed by a fire last month, local media organizations (WBAY-TV, WFRV-TV, WLUK-TV, Cumulus Radio Group, Lamar Outdoor, Family Radio Network, Midwest Communications, and Woodward Radio Group) announced today its call for support in a new Public Service Announcement (PSA). Beginning this week and for the next three weeks, the :30 TV PSA and :60 radio PSA will air on the participating stations, posted on social media channels, and displayed on outdoor billboards.

“In the wake of this devastating loss, I’m eternally grateful for and inspired from the outpouring of support Aspiro has received from the community and now from this influential group of media professionals,” said Nicole Hoffmann, Aspiro’s Vice President of Development. “These PSAs feature various on-air personalities raising awareness of this significant loss and how the public can show their support. We use these buses to connect our clients with disabilities to jobs and the greater community. The $500k raised will be used to replace the bus fleet and ensure we can continue this important mission.”

The PSAs, which will air on virtually all media outlets in the Green Bay area, posted on their social media channels, and displayed on outdoor billboards, outlines the impact of this loss to Aspiro and its clients. It also directs listeners and viewers to Aspiro’s Go Fund Me as the non-profit organization works toward restoring its bus fleet.

According to Don Snyder, General Manager and Vice President of Lamar Advertising, who initiated this collaboration, “This is an unprecedented joint venture between most of the Green Bay media. I don’t recall this ever happening in the 32 years I have been in the Green Bay area.”

Founded in 1957, Aspiro’s sole purpose is to help its clients live their lives in ways that they choose; to do the things that bring them joy and purpose. Aspiro serves more than 1,000 individuals and their families from birth through their senior years by creating opportunities for people experiencing disabilities to live their best lives by reaching their goals, connecting to their community, and achieving their independence.

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