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Palisades Media Shut Down, State Lotteries, Toys 'R' Us is back, HOKA and Subway change

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SellerCrowd (formerly known as Cohoot) is the invite-only anonymous forum for media salespeople. Hundreds of OOH sellers gather on SellerCrowd to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Discover the hottest topics from the past week here…

Were You a Toys “R” Us Kid?
Though the company went bankrupt, liquidated and closed up stores in the U.S. in 2018, a re-emergence as Tru Kids Brands happened in early 2019. Fast forward to 2022, and Toys “R” Us is now expected to return to physical locations this year ahead of the holiday season within Macy’s stores. @Solving Vector would love to know who’s the contact for this comeback. Full Thread Here>>>

Time To Fly
The crowd is hearing the recent HOKA OOH buy is believed to have come out of Jellyfish San Diego. Does anyone have a contact?

Eat Fresh
@Freely Laugh indicates Talon doesn’t appear to be handling Subway at least in the Southeast. Does anyone know which agency is? Full Thread Here>>>

Saying Goodbye
Unexpected sad news hit the folks at Palisades Media last Friday, as well as surprised most of the crowd. The agency has been abruptly shut down after 26-years. Netflix was one of its main accounts. Full Thread Here>>>

Gotta Play to Win
Lottery billboards are everywhere in some states. In some cases, however, not every state lottery utilizes outdoor advertising, whether that’s due to budget or not realizing OOH/DOOH is a great way to reach a wider audience. @Donors Closes wants to know: Do you think it’s silly when lottery’s do not partake in digital outdoor? Full Thread Here>>>

How’s Your Year?
Let’s talk annual quota/goals: fellow seller @Chapman83 polls the crowd to see how everyone is pacing for the year in this thread. Full Thread Here>>>

Up, Down and All Around: Q3 Spend
As we’ve hit the second half of July, the full swing of people taking time off is abundant, with lots of OOOs everywhere, and responses to emails are low. Looking ahead into what might occur in Q3, this week’s ‘Poll of the Week’ Q is a quick check on what you’re seeing spending-wise out there. Is advertising spending going down, up, or about the same so far? 🗳 Cast your vote & share your thoughts in the full thread here>>>

Do You Know?
What agency is handling Winstar World Casino and Choctaw Casinos? Full Thread Here>>>
Has anyone had any success with La-Z-Boy national contact? Full Thread Here>>>
Does anyone have the name and email contact for marketing manager/director at The Motorcity Casino in Detroit? Full Thread Here>>>
Does anyone have the best client contact at Big Lots? Full Thread Here>>>
Does anyone have a contact for WWE Summer Slam? Full Thread Here>>>

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