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Screenverse and Apparatix Partner With Demand Side Game-Changing Digital Billboard Access

The Screenverse+Apparatix Billboards

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Screenverse and Apparatix Partnership Ready for Demand Side, providing a Game-Changing Solution to Digital Billboard Access Across the US

Screenverse, a leading Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) company specializing in ad management and monetization, has launched its new partnership in the digital billboard programmatic space with Apparatix. This groundbreaking partnership offers media buyers and advertisers an unparalleled solution for accessing digital billboards across the US.

Screenverse’s commitment to continuous innovation has propelled them to become a leading programmatic DOOH network

Screenverse is the only authorized programmatic media seller for over two dozen independent billboard operators representing over 1,100 digital billboards across 80 DMAs, including lucrative markets such as Atlanta, Denver, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. This move provides advertisers and media buyers with even greater access and increased reach possibilities to target specific audiences in the physical world.

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Screenverse’s commitment to continuous innovation has propelled them to become a leading programmatic DOOH network, managing more than 70K digital screens in the US. By unifying independent billboard operators into a single access point, they continue to revolutionize the industry and level the playing field for advertisers. By offering a single, competitive billboard price point across all inventory, regardless of the market, Screenverse ensures a streamlined and efficient process for media buyers.

Media buyers will continue to receive unparalleled transparency and control over their DOOH advertising campaigns from the Screenverse team. The partnership is already live and generating revenue for both companies, and media buyers are leveraging the full potential of these impactful displays through Place Exchange’s integrations with leading DSPs.

Kate Goldvasser, Head of Programmatic at Adquick DSP, emphasized the significant advantage for DSP buyers: “Accessing a wide range of digital billboards across major US markets presents a substantial advantage. The Screenverse+Apparatix programmatic partnership empowers Adquick DSP customers to tap into diversified digital billboard inventory with competitive pricing and a unified point of contact. This collaboration also streamlines creative approvals and campaign activation, delivering enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.”

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“The Screenverse+Apparatix Billboards opportunity empowers advertisers and media buyers with the tools they need to succeed in the rapidly evolving DOOH landscape,” said Adam Malone, President of Screenverse. “By leveraging our programmatic approach and cutting-edge optimization algorithms, we drive maximum ROI and campaign performance for our clients. This collaboration represents a game-changing opportunity for advertisers to reach audiences more effectively and efficiently.”

The Screenverse and Apparatix programmatic partnership will work across two leading Supply-Side Platform (SSP) partners, Vistar and Place Exchange. These SSP partners bring a powerful combination of technology, expertise, and access to demand.

Nick Bennett, SVP Partnerships at Place Exchange, said, “Media buyers are increasingly leveraging programmatic OOH for its flexibility, audience-based targeting, full-funnel performance measurement, and cost-effective price points. Through Place Exchange’s integrations with leading DSPs, buyers can programmatically activate against the new Screenverse+Apparatix Billboard inventory with ease and harness the full potential of these impactful displays.”

For more information on Screenverse and their programmatic DOOH network, please visit their website at https://screenversemedia.com/

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