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Salaries of OOH Salespeople — Equity, Kickers, Commissions, Goals —2022 SellerCrowd Survey

The median base salary for salespeople in OOH

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by Benny Taubman, OOH TODAY Reporter

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SellerCrowd, a media seller data company, released the results from their 2022 survey that collected compensation data from 1,628 media sellers across the entire advertising field. Included in the data from SellerCrowd is revealing information on the base salaries, commissions, and sales goals of salespeople in the OOH industry. The data was collected from over 250 salespeople all across the OOH and provides beneficial insight into the current state of sellers in the business. Let’s jump straight into the analysis of the facts.

The median base salary for all salespeople in OOH in 2022 was $120,000. The median on-target commission earned – meaning the payment received if a seller meets their expected sales goal – was $102,000. Piggybacking off of this, the sales goal for each seller had a median of $2,500,000. Combing the base salaries and commission received, the median total compensation earned for an OOH salesperson who met their sales goal was $212,000. Going further than this, the data becomes more telling when the ‘OOH salesperson’ demographic is split into two smaller demographics: DOOH salespeople and traditional OOH salespeople.

Based on median incomes, a DOOH salesperson’s base salary is 23% higher than that of their traditional OOH counterparts. The median base salaries are $130,000 and $100,000 respectively. Again boasting higher levels of income, a DOOH salesperson’s on-target commission is a whopping 39% higher than a traditional OOH salesperson’s. The median base on-target commission supporting this statistic is $120,000 for the former and $86,500 for the latter. The difference in sales goals between the two seller groups accounts for the stark difference. A DOOH salesperson has a median sales goal of $3,000,000 while a traditional OOH salesperson has a median sales goal of $2,152,939 – also a difference of 39%. See the graphic below for greater details. All data in this story can be obtained directly from SellerCrowd at SellerCrowd.com

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