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—RP3 Agency

by Sarah Druhan, OOH TODAY Journalist

At the intersection of culture and creativity, there lies a small target that pretty much every advertising campaign wants to hit. Keeping up with all of our world’s trends can feel exhausting, and that’s not to mention the feat of constantly having to innovate new ideas out of each and every one of them. But at RP3 Agency, juggling these skills is nothing less than second nature. And when it comes to that small, much-desired target, this agency makes it a point to hit it dead-on: every time.

RP3 prides themselves on their ability to constantly experiment and evolve. Rather than look for work in any one “category”—like healthcare, or hospitality—this agency believes in staying open to any challenge and redefining old systems. Potential clients will be able to pick up this game-changer attitude pretty much anywhere they look on RP3’s website. Take a look at their proud display of past work, for example. When ABC Fine Wine & Spirits turned to them for a “creative refresh,” RP3 hit the ground running with an out-of-home campaign that was undeniably sleek and had a wryly distinct voice. And when the University of Maryland realized their brand needed a bolder touch, they knew who to call. RP3 responded with the “Fearlessly Forward” campaign, one that utilized UMD’s striking school colors to craft a whole new vision for the university.

RP3’s drive to stay fresh and compete with the current culture may sound complicated at first. But the truth is it’s all very simple. Their motto is that “Good Always Finds a Way”—in other words, no matter what form it takes, just one good idea will get the job done. In staying true to their no-holds-barred creativity and refusing to think inside the box, RP3 is a masterclass in how to make a stale brand fresh.

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