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OOH Today Weekend Update —OOH Revenues, Revolt or Comply, Stay on Campus

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A weekly recap of the top OOH stories you may have missed, along with colorful commentary from BB

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1. Why Institutions Don’t Want to Commercialize Their Campus —Marketing Challenges

College student marketing plans often hit roadblocks. Most brands want to activate on-campus, which is where the trouble starts. That’s where ALT TERRAIN steps in to offer a few tips of their own.

BB’s Take
ALT TERRAIN offers ‘off campus’ ideas on reaching college students. Capable executions. We have had a great deal of experience back in our Posterscope and Billups days working off campus and ‘on campus’. Our experience recommends taking the ‘on campus’ option whenever you can. It’s not that difficult to secure permissions. Suggesting ‘off campus’ executions without permission to insure success, i.e. not as likely to be shut down, can be as troublesome as ‘on campus’ executions. If you’re going to go guerilla, i.e. without permissions, why not ‘on campus’? The reality is ‘on campus’ is where the greatest concentration of students are. We suggest go big or don’t go at all.  Secure permissions when ever possible, if none is permissible, better to ask forgiveness than permission. 

2.Q2 OOH Advertising Revenues Hit $2.62B

OOH advertising revenue increased 28.9 percent in Q2 of 2022, on par with pre-pandemic record highs of 2019, according to the OAAA. DOOH led total growth with a 37 percent increase over Q2 2021.

BB’s Take
We love a good headline as much as the next newsletter! Q2 OOH revenues for 2022 is at $2.62 billion.  Q2 OOH for 2019 pre-Covid was $2.69 billion. That is 7 million less for this year compared to ‘a normal year’, in other words pre-Covid.
So what’s a mere $7 million among ‘good news’ reporting? We love celebrations and we love positivity. Small wins are important. But come on, per this report we are still short for Q2. Low high jump bars result in low successes. Think big. Set the bar higher. Put the Champaign back in the bottle, for now.

3. How Revolt is using DOOH Turning EV Chargers Into Powerful Communications

Revolt currently has 20 active charging stations with DOOH-enabled screens, with plans to expand to the rest of Europe—and triple the size of their DOOH network—by the end of this year.

BB’s Take
20 charging stations? And a goal of ‘triple the size’ to 60 by the end of the year?  The key to a network is market coverage. Total market coverage. Critical mass is a must. 60 stations isn’t going to cut it except for the smallest of markets. Revolt needs significantly more inventory or consider comply. 

4. OOH Best Creative Last Week Today — Bombay, Bus Wraps, and Bananas

Bold copy, bright visuals, QR codes, and bus wraps – we’ve compiled the top 10 OOH creative executions that came to our attention last week. If you’ve seen stellar work out there, we want to know about it. Tag us on LinkedIn or shoot us an email.

BB’s Take
We love the Guinness executions. Clever as hell. Where’s the traffic? No one one the walkway at the beach or on the street. 









5. OOH Moves Today

As the summer comes to an end, OOH’s cyclical game of musical chairs is starting to heat up. Check out our weekly report on all the career moves in the industry and be the first to congratulate or connect with other OOH folks.

BB’s Take
Slow week for promotions and new hires or everyone is on vacation? We can absolutely report that the vacation/holiday load is off the charts this year. August is seeing a huge number of people out of office and on vacation.  Being hostage to Covid the last 2 years has given way to people taking well deserved time off of work. Still a few sleepers in this weeks’ “OOH Moves’. Did you catch the new president at EMC? Send her your congrats. Check out the other agency moves at Xaxis, Kinetic, Publicis, MilkMoney and We Are Rosie. 

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