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OOH, persona non grata, on the Edge —Special Alert Edition Podcast

What OOH Leadership needs to do right now —5,000 Digital and 20,000 Static Displays

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OOH on the Edge —Special Alert Edition Podcast


The Out of Home Industry Has a Unique Opportunity to get Out Ahead of the Coronavirus Economic Impact on a National Scale

What OOH Leadership needs to do RIGHT NOW

In this unprecedented time, unprecedented actions are called for. 

Listen to the Board of Directors Jack Sullivan and Daniel Wilkins comments on the role OOH should take today.  Should OOH Industry leadership at an unprecedented time, take unprecedented action? Can we do it?

The Board Room 
OOH Experts / Board Members:
Daniel Wilkins, Founder Agency 672
Jack Sullivan, OOH Media Professional, Consultant and Adviser
Moderator: Brent Baer,  Publisher, OOH Today

Jack Sullivan
 Daniel Wilkins
Brent Baer






Podcast SAEP#1  —  20 minutes —Click the orange circle/white arrow below to listen


You may have heard today, that broadcast executives met with the President to discuss what actions they could take to help with the issues we are facing with the coronavirus. Broadcast. What about OOH as part of the meeting and part of the conversation? 

OOH can no longer be contented to be persona non grata of the media world. We need to be in the room and we should be pushing ahead for a seat at the table. We must be aggressive in demonstrating what Outdoor Advertising can bring as solutions in meeting challenges.  Let’s get off the following edge and on to the leading edge. 

Wouldn’t we all love to hear that our Anna Bager, CEO/President of OAAA, has met with President Trump or VP Mike Pence’s office? And in that meeting, offered 5,000 digital displays and 20,000 static displays on the behalf of the OOH Industry. Imagine with that offer, the powerful messaging of the OOH Industry’s best resources at the Country’s disposal to fight this fight. We can not accept being thought of as a tacit medium.


The current PSA CDC messages are good.  Six words or less. Fresh Minty colors. Please.




We can do better. But, let’s not make this about creative. It is about the seat at the table and OOH Industry leadership at an unprecedented time to take unprecedented action. Will we do it?

Send us stories and photos of what you are doing to help your community. We’ll post them. 


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