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OOH Insider Info For Salespeople —Cohoot

we're seeing a mad dash to spend dollars in Q4

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For Salespeople in OOH


Cohoot is the anonymous forum for media salespeople. Thousands of sellers gather on Cohoot’s dedicated OOH channel to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Let’s jump in and discover the hottest topics from the week here …


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Key Insights

One Way to Cancun, Please
Aah, vacations. Remember those? This post is asking for help finding a good agency or contact for Mexico Tourism. Full Thread Here>>>

Looking On The Bright Side of Covid19
Cohort @Owners Nowhere posted this question: What are you seeing that is fueling some optimism? I’ll start – usually by this time the year is over and most RFPS are for the following year, but now we’re seeing a mad dash to spend dollars in Q4. Full Thread Here>>>

Hand-Painted Ads and the Neighborhoods That Love Them
Check this post for info about who is buying hand-painted outdoor ads these days. There is also some detail on the markets where the ads have been seen. Full Thread Here>>>

Lead Wall

Mmmm, orange marmalade. This thread is asking for a point of contact for  Smuckers. The OP, @Trainer Mixing, has a good opportunity for them. Full Thread Here>>>

Some new intel has popped up in this thread started days ago. See who is sending out RFPs and who has what clients among the top independent OOH buying agencies. Full Thread Here>>>

Are there any resources that will show me active DOOH or OOH campaigns by market? Full Thread Here>>>

Sounds Like a Good Plan
Cohort @Issues Square chimed in looking for OOH/DOOH contacts for Bose and Sonos. Bose has a great reputation for noise-cancelling headphones and is said to be entering the wireless earbud space by the end of 2020 with Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds 700. Sonos, Inc, maker of smart speakers, is doing well during the pandemic as quarantined people focus on home improvement projects. Full Thread Here>>>

Clear Channel and its Stock Price
We have some surprise and alarm at the Clear Channel Outdoor stock issues this week. Full Thread Here>>>

Oprah Endorses OOH in Kentucky Buy
Our Cohort @Mines Mutual stops in to mention, “Whatever your political leanings, Oprah’s 26-billboard ad buy in Louisville is a definite endorsement of our media!” What do you think of the campaign? Full Thread Here>>>

Sales Strategy
Any good news from last week to get us going today? Full Thread Here>>>

Want an invite to Cohoot?
​Cohoot is currently invite-only, but there are some invites reserved for salespeople working at OOH vendors. If you want to check your eligibility, go to Cohoot.com and see if your work email will unlock one of our reserved invites.

Or contact Bill at BillBoard@OOHToday.com and he may provide you with an invite code.


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