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OOH in Cohoot —Political Audience Data

Selling Personal Messages on Billboards, Rewarding Your Team and Shen Yun

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OOH in Cohoot —
Selling Personal Messages Debate —Billboard Gone Wrong: A Cautionary Tale


Cohoot is the anonymous forum for media salespeople. Thousands of sellers gather on Cohoot’s dedicated OOH channel to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Take a look at the biggest topics from last week here…

Geopath Shares Political Audience Data

Next month brings us Election Day, and that leaves so many Cohorts wondering where the opportunity lies for OOH in political advertising. Since the 2012 election, digital political ads have seen a slight uptick in sales, but the majority of advertising is still done on TV or via direct mail. (See NYTimes article on the subject) Looking for some information on how and where to target political audiences with OOH? Geopath has posted these data points.

Did you know …

-People who make political contributions are 10% more likely than the general public to pay attention to OOH advertising

-They are 26% more likely to say they pay attention to billboards than the average person

-They are 45% more likely to say they’ve seen an ad in an airport in the last 30 days

Read the rest of the data points on the thread, check the Full Thread Here>>>

Billboard Gone Wrong: A Cautionary Tale

A Cohoot user calling themselvesA Slightly Embarrassed Seller’ wrote in to share some advice on selling personal messages for billboards. “Earlier this year I had a surgeon call us as he wanted to express his love for his fiancee, as they were to be married in a few months; on our digital billboard in a very affluent area of the city. He asked me how much it would be and my reply was…’It all depends on how much love you want to express.’ His fiance would see it every morning on her way to work in the city…” Full Thread Here>>>

How Do You Make Headway in a Limited Market?

Debate continues on the difficulty of placing billboard ads in Southern California. City councils have banned the creation of new billboards, and in some cities, residents are fighting against established billboards being converted to digital, saying they are nothing but light pollution. It also seems a few big sellers have the market cornered. Is there a way to navigate OOH in this area? Full Thread Here>>>

How Do You Reward Your Team?
What kind of team events have been successful in your company? Bowling, escape rooms, and ax throwing are some ideas. Full Thread Here>>>

Discussing Pros and Cons of Gainbuzz
Calling anyone who has used Gainbuzz. What was your experience like? Full Thread Here>>>

Lead Wall
Curious what Sleepy’s and Mattress Firm have in common? Check the Full Thread Here>>>

If you want to place OOH in Oklahoma, take a look at what kinds of businesses are popular there. Full Thread Here>>>

Cohorts have shared some OOH contacts for Bank of America. Thanks again, @Firecracker44. Full Thread Here>>>

Shen Yun, the performing arts and culture show put on by Chinese Falun Gong followers, has had advertising seemingly on every corner since it started in 2006. Opinions are mixed on whether it’s done as a paid account or by trade. Have you worked with Shen Yun? Put in your $.02. Full Thread Here>>>

Do you know?

 Is Hertz still buying OOH direct? Full Thread Here>>>

Who does Dr. Horton buy OOH through? The people want to know. Full Thread Here>>>

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Or contact Bill Board at BillBoard@OOHToday.com and he may provide you with an invite code. 






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