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OOH in Cohoot

Sales and RFP Strategies, Leads and Q4 Prospects —All Cohoot

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OOH in Cohoot —
Sales & RFP Strategies, Solid Leads, Q4 Prospects, and DOmedia 


Cohoot is the anonymous forum for media salespeople. Hundreds of sellers gather on Cohoot’s dedicated OOH channel to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Take a look at the biggest topics from last week here…

Earning 77 Percent of Revenue From Brand Direct
What could you learn by analyzing your revenue? In a special to Cohoot, a Cohort with more than 20 years’ experience in advertising sales pens a post, explaining there have been more changes in the industry than anyone could imagine. But then he or she sees a pattern in how sales are made. In fact, the majority of sales had come from employing one strategy. What is working best? Full Thread Here>>>


Do You Pitch Units Out of Scope for an RFP?
It may be a bit early in the week for this, but Cohorts whipped out some targeted advice on RFP submissions when @Mines Mutual tapped the network for advice. His boss got involved early in an RFP process and insisted the extra units be included in the proposal. The team was divided. Keep in mind, if you’ve run up against a wall, most of us have been there too! Full Thread Here>>>


Lead Wall
Names and contact info here for Allstate Insurance OOH media buying. Full Thread Here>>>
Looking for contacts at Weathertech, the auto accessory maker? Full Thread Here>>>
Kaiser Permanente’s AOR and names have been shared. Thanks to @Stuffed Spirit and @Oedipus27. Full Thread Here>>>
American Eagle and Aerie retailers are represented by this agency. Full Thread Here>>>
Interested in the online banking N26 OOH campaign? Full Thread Here>>>


Ideas for End-of-Year Spend
We are three weeks into Q4, and end-of-year sales dollars are available to spend. Clients eager to spend their full budgets by the end of December have a lot of options. Check here for ideas on how to make a deal. Full Thread Here>>>


Debating the DoMedia Way
Using DoMedia for RFPs is still being debated, and it looks like there are two camps: Those who use it for mapping and research, and those who pass on it altogether. Read some opinions.  Full Thread Here>>>.


Do you know?
Contacts at Quaker, Tropicana and Gatorade? Hint: It’s not OMD Chicago. Full Thread Here>>>
Who is buying for hotel booking site Roomkey.com? Full Thread Here>>>
Chime in here if you can provide an agency name for Macy’s. Full Thread Here>>>
Contacts in the construction equipment rental industry who advertise using OOH? Full Thread Here>>>


Want an invite to Cohoot?
​Cohoot is currently invite-only, but there are some invites reserved for salespeople working at OOH vendors. If you want to check your eligibility, go to Cohoot.com and see if your work email will unlock one of our reserved invites.

Or contact Bill Board at BillBoard@OOHToday.com and he may provide you with an invite code. 





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