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Detroit Billboard Displays Wrong Date

More Billboard Shenanigans in Detroit

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from the Vote.org website. This was not the display in the story.


Billboard Says ‘Vote November 6’

Detroit Out of Home advertising has certainly been in the news lately and not for good reasons. A few weeks back was the pirated porn digital display north of the city. Then the NFL referee bad call billboard tapping out the Lions downtown at Ford Field. And now, this OOH error on the southwest side.  Luckily, the city is on the Detroit River, so nothing likely to happen from the east. Oh wait, a billboard boat? Nope.

Regarding the most recent billboard issue, a Detroit located bulletin was on the street for days reminding voters to head to the polls; on the wrong date. The static bulletin on Interstate 75 southwest side of Detroit read, “VOTE Tuesday November 6”.  The image had approximately 9 foot letters spelling ‘VOTE’ and below, about 3 footers in the same black on white, ‘Tuesday November 6’.
Simple design. Easy to read. Great placement.  What’s the problem?

The election this year is November 5th, not the 6th.
Dude! Check the Calendar. It’s November 5th this year. It get’s more interesting. Read on.


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The excuse given for the error; it was left over from a Vote.org campaign from the Nov. 6, 2018, elections. This according to Kamari Guthrie, communications director for the national ‘get out the vote’ group.

Guthrie said “the 2018 billboard’s reappearance was related to a local vendor that works with AdQuick, the distribution service for the campaign.”  

AdQuick the distribution service? Surely not the same AdQuick tech company who has software for the out of home advertising industry? OOHT will get back to everyone on this.  

Look, everyone screws up. We get it. Served up ‘left overs’? Really though, when was the last time you placed something on the street ‘in error’?  We’d love to hear.  Our wager? Very few have.
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Read the story here from the Detroit News⇒ Detroit billboard shows wrong date to get out and vote





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  1. Doug Conner says

    Sounds like voter suppression to me, maybe this was done 100% on purpose? Bill, I think you came to the wrong conclusion?

  2. Bill Board says

    Good observation Doug Conner. Certainly advertising the wrong date and locating the billboard in an area which might be characterized as low voter turn out, would be ‘voter suppression’. But, and its kind of a big but, Vote.org probably not going to do that. Or are they? Trump did win Michigan didn’t he? Does Vote.org have liberal leanings?
    You added more suspense to the story and deeper consideration. Thank you!

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