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OOH Agency Today —Mediakeys

Interview with Maria Granja

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OOH Agency Today —Mediakeys
Creating & Fulfilling Global Campaigns







Mediakeys is an entrepreneurial international advertising exchange, offering over 25 years’ experience creating and fulfilling global campaigns for their clients’ local and international campaigns. Established in 1993 with a foundation in creative services and international advertising, they have grown into a multi-media international advertising specialist with local offices in 16 countries and reach far beyond that. Still managed by the original co-founders, Mediakeys remains unbiased and completely focused on its clients’ best interests: delivering innovative, measurable and client-specific creative advertising and media solutions.

Maria Granja

I had the opportunity to ask Maria Granja a few questions about Mediakeys. Granja is an international account director for Mediakeys, and has been with the company for 3½ years. Here’s what she had to say:

Interview with Maria Granja,
International Account Director for Mediakeys



Will Farmer: Please tell us about Mediakeys. How long have you been in business? Staffing? Size? Specialties? Billing? Regional Offices?

Maria Granja: Mediakeys, founded in 1993, is an international communication group, specializing in deploying international and local advertising campaigns. Following a historical expansion into the international media trading space, Mediakeys became highly digitalized and now offers advertisers and agencies multi-media solutions.

Our 25 years of experience have provided us the know-how and the ability to find ideal ways to promote any company’s services and products. We proudly serve more than 500 active customers in various industries: Fashion, Luxury, Automotive, Tech, Airlines, Tourism Boards, Non-Profit, and more.


WF: What would you like brands and the OOH Industry to know about your shop?

MG: We are particularly strong in strategizing multi-format worldwide campaigns. Our 16 buying hubs offer global coverage while ensuring local knowledge.

Mediakeys is headquartered in Paris and has offices in New York, London, Cologne, Zurich, Milan, Madrid, Istanbul, Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.

At Mediakeys, we are known for our express turnaround and our will to make international campaigns as easy as possible for our US clients. With one team based in NYC, we eliminate issues and struggles such as time difference, language, culture barriers, and currencies -as we invoice all our campaigns in USD.


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We are particularly strong in strategizing multi-format worldwide campaigns.
Our 16 buying hubs offer global coverage while ensuring local knowledge.


WF: Do you work with clients directly and/or through agencies? What is the percentage breakdown?

MG: Most of the Mediakeys’ clientele in the US are agencies looking for support with international buys. However, clients coming from other offices can be direct. It is more or less a 50/50 split at a global level. 


WF: Any comments or suggestions for OOH reps in approaching or working with your company?

MG: When working with OOH reps in the US, we like to know they are going the extra mile for our foreign clients. Every country has different expectations, and it often means custom made solutions and unbeatable prices. We also appreciate when vendors proactively come to us with specific offers that they think would be relevant for one of our French or Chinese clients for instance.


WF: What is your most memorable new business pitch?

MG: On January 1st, 2002, the Euro would become a unique currency for 11 countries in the EU. In order to get European citizens acquainted with it, the European Central Bank had decided to launch a pan-European informational campaign in 2001 with airport and inflight media. Looking back almost 20 years, the challenge was huge as the Internet was still at its early stages and media planning was done through phone calls. Mediakeys proudly won the pitch jointly with RCI, allowing them to promote the upcoming currency across 11 markets. It was an amazing team effort and helped Mediakeys get a foot in the door internationally.


WF: How do you obtain new business?  Please share new business contact information.

MG: Our business has grown over the years through our network and referrals. We like to hear that clients are coming back or recommending us, thanks to the quality of services we provide. We also reach out to agencies or clients when we identified they might need support internationally.  

New business inquires:
+1 (646)854-3293


WF: What differentiates your business from others?

MG: We are 100% independent. All our 16 offices belong to one single corporation and allow us to be competitive and flexible with our clients.

Also, we are the one-stop-shop for international multiformat advertisers. We are experts not only in OOH but also TV, Radio, Print, Event & Experiential activations, and Digital advertising.



+1 (646)854-3293

Marketing & Advertising

Company size
51-200 employees

Levallois-Perret, France

Privately Held


Experts in global OOH and Airport Advertising, International multi-channel media sourcing and fulfilment, Hyperlocal campaigns, International digital campaign management, Programmatic, International OOH, Independent Media Agency, DOOH, Inflight Media, Creative Agency, Campaign Creation, Design, Digital Media, Print Media, Broadcast Media, Out of Home Advertising, Media Broker, Campaign Implementation, Campaign Activation, and Media Trading



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