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Old Billboard Vinyl as Art Priced at $5075

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The Art work using old Billboard Vinyl called ‘Guilt Quilt’ is $5075. Dallas-based artist Jason Willaford  

Dallas based artist Jason Willaford captures the beauty of an object using discarded old billboard vinyl.
We’ve seen Adams Outdoor dresses, bags, notebooks, wallets and biz card holders made from old billboard vinyls.

This art works by Willaford can be purchased for a pretty penny or two.  The quilt above call ‘Guilt Quilt’ is prices at $5075.

Recognize any of your old clients? Better rethink how your are disposing of your old billboard vinyls.


Artist Repurposing Vinyl Billboards to Create Art


By Ardrian Zuniga

August 10, 2018 

Dallas-based artist Jason Willaford has been repurposing vinyl #billboards to create his work since 2012. Trained as a painter, his interest in this new medium began after seeing a #billboard tagged with graffiti that ignited a curiosity to find out what happened when these advertisements got taken down. Willaford eventually tracked down a source of these discarded billboards and acquired an inventory that would become the medium that has been used to create numerous series. Early works, such as Vacant (2012), utilized quilting techniques to create large multi-panel pieces that abstracted each billboard’s original content.

old billboard vinyl- Dallas-based artist Jason Willaford

Over the years, sewing methods have remained a constant throughout works that have fluctuated between objects that are flatter like paintings and objects that are more three-dimensional like sculptures. Most recently, his Mappings series is composed of cut and sewn vinyl billboards that are arranged to create modular, site-specific installations. The material’s versatility has inspired Willaford’s ever-evolving approach to creating his art and has allowed him to make everything from framed works on paper to 8-foot soft sculptures. Willaford’s vinyl work has been featured in solo museum exhibitions at Oklahoma Contemporary and Dallas Contemporary and has been placed in numerous private and public collections, most recently that of the Toyota Headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

More information on the artist and available work can be obtained by contacting Galleri Urbane by email art@galleriurbane.com, or phone: 325-226-8015.

See more of Jason Willaford’s work at ⇒ Jason Willaford Old Billboard Vinyl Art     





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